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  1. Right all, sorry for the long time away, I've been on holiday, I've completely lost interest in RS, gave my account to a friend and I will be making the script free to the public, do what you want with it. As to all those who supported me throughout the development of the script I thank you, your little bumps kept me motivated. I will be requesting the removal of my scripter rank alongside this. Adios!
  2. You guys need to understand this, I can't fix anything if you say things like "Broken, please fix", give me a list of broken things, and i'll fix them, simple
  3. This is a script discussion thread, take your argument elsewhere. @jack - Yes after reading the changelog it seems randoms can now be handled by me. I will work on strange plant and some others when I get home from work.
  4. If it was possible I would of coded it in without the option, just wear team capes
  5. Error code 1 can also mean that a username was not given in the authentication process, make sure you are logged in when starting the script, otherwise we can screenshare and we will sort this properly Also the second problem is a tribot controlled random
  6. Thought it used it, will add it. Would you mind listing these problems so I could fix them please? How can you expect improvements from "its broke", thanks
  7. The new API just came out, I will be working out all kinks over the next day or so.
  8. Sorry about your problems, random solver handling for added only recently and I am starting work on those. As for your Auth, I sent a message to everyone on skype detailing if you bought the script within the last 3 days then the account limit on that auth would be increased to 6. It's hard to handle a lot of events due to the fact that the combat ring is in a different position for everyone meaning I can't hard code positions and paths, not every path has been covered. As for the cursing, I had no feedback from that until now, therefore I assumed everything was working perfectly. I will set up your scenario and iron out the flaws.
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