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  1. Noted. I will take a look at tutorial island when I can. Click “Open source scripts” in my signature. You’ll find the various repositories on my GitHub. I’ll add a link directly to the FC Questing repo on this thread later today.
  2. Activate Script: FC Questing FC Questing is here for all to enjoy! This script is built on a framework which allows for easy chaining of quests, as well as new quests to be added with minimal effort. Features: Start anywhere Grand exchange support for quests that should utilize it Quest chaining Clean and detailed paint 15 quests supported and counting (GE indicates grand exchange support, GA indicates manual gathering support, SR indicates that the script will achieve skill requirements on it's own, QR indicates that the script will achieve quest po
  3. Yes, I will release it for free and support it as my schedule permits. In addition, I will make all of the code open-source.
  4. FC Questing Update Unfortunately, I don't have the necessary time to tend to the script like I once did. I have refunded everyone who purchased the full script within the past month (and most of the users who bought the light script within the past month). Also, I've refunded users who have purchased the six month variety of the script within the past 6 months. I will be retiring the script from the market place. I will also be stepping down from the scripter team. I'd like to sincerely thank everyone who supported me and my scripts over the past couple of years, I really do app
  5. I will be able to fix it tonight. Edit: It appears the most recent update broke some of the methods involving dialogue in the API - I've created an issue here: https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/TRiBot-Issues/issues/78 . We'll have to wait until that is fixed.
  6. I’ll be able to fix it tonight. Edit: My apologies, it will have to be tomorrow. Unfortunately tonight will not work. Edit: Fixed
  7. A more detailed description would be helpful, but I'll take a look at it now. Update: GE Interfaces have been updated Tutorial island - Report button will no longer be pressed Bank interfaces have been updated
  8. I just tested it on my end, and it worked fine. Can you try it again? Also, are you on a very slow connection?
  9. FC Questing Update Small issue with quest journal guide being open during GE mission has been resolved. Script will now close the quest journal guide if necessary. If you run into issues with the script, please report them in detail.
  10. Interesting - I’ll look into this. It is unfortunate that your account got banned. I will take a look at Prince Ali Rescue as soon as I can. A little more detail on where the script got stuck would be helpful.
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