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  1. New website o.o

  2. Add my skype to discuss further. In my sign
  3. Hey Im buying any amount of OSRS gp with bitcoin. Post prices below. Or add my skype: StrayRunescape
  4. Purchased 80m via BTC
  5. Selling 300m cheap. Add my skype or PM me. Not going first unless super trusted
  6. Please click my banner. Thank you and look forward to working with you.
  7. PP from trusted only. Not going first unless very trusted. My discretion.
  8. stray

    need $8

    How much do you have
  9. Profile of user: https://tribot.org/forums/user/65723-kaspar94/ Date: 2/27/15 Feedback left: Said I scammed him because I didnt pay Why should it be removed: I was making a deal with him but it didnt work out If the user who left the f/b wants it removed, proof of them agreeing (pm or post in this thread):
  10. I can do them. PMing you my skype
  11. I have the entire day free so doing some powerleveling questing for OSGP. Not looking to do long term projects just questing or few fast levels here and there. I can do all pure quests including quests on low stats such as waterfall, Horror from the deep ect. I will also train stats to do quests. Please provide materials or money for quest if you want some questing done. PM me skype if interested. Also buying 20m OSGP look at my topic history if interested.
  12. Thank you but not looking to pay that much for gold. My usual gold selling service is offline and I need the gold pretty urgently.
  13. Title says all, buying 20m osrs for gp. quick trade only looking for 20m and buying for more then gold sellers. Im think around 1:20 so 24$ Paypal for all. I cover fees. PM me skype if interested. Did my math wrong =(.
  14. Wanna pk now and I have like 2 m above market price and still not buying
  15. not trying to rip off anyone just want to get a fair price for the amount I have.
  16. well Idk just trying to see. Im buying it for more then market price.
  17. It isnt buying for market price in GE am seeing if i can get it cheaper. lol
  18. Buying d warhammer comment price below. Simple trade no risk.
  19. Do you get the levels as well for lets say the mith gloves package
  20. I'm looking to train one of my accounts in range, attack and some skill training. It needs to be done a specific way. It requires exchange of a bit of wealth so looking for trusted only. It is only low stat training and shouldnt take longer then a couple of hours if done right. PAYING IN OSRS GP ONLY. PM me skype or comment below if interested. edit: would also like to add that some questing is required. This can be almost afked so if someone wants to make a few gps on the side comment below. I expect this to be done in the timeframe given because in the past people have taken jobs and end
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