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  1. So the antipoison problem seems to be fixed and I haven't really run into any eating issues either, new problem though! Basically, I ran this today before leaving to work, it finished the earth orbs it was making which took about 2.5 hours and then sat in the bank trying to withdraw a new glory for 6 hours! There was 4 orbs left to do and it kept trying to make them even though there was no more charged glorys left, so yeah bot just kinda sat in back attempting to withdraw charged glory for 6 hours. I'll probably be banned but if you need an account to use or want me to help you with anything let me know
  2. I'm not running into the same problems as above users but there are a few problems that need addressing, I'm not having issues with dying and have never died tbh (been using the script for more than a week now) while doing earth orbs but these are some of the problems I have noticed: 1) It will begin making earth orbs, then randomly drink antipoison (if poisoned), then it will just idle for a while and sometimes even log out, most time it will eventually notice its idling and start making orbs again but still odd and it shouldn't take as long as it does to notice that its idling - just standing around not making any orbs or doing anything (this issue only happens sometimes and I cannot reproduce the problem) 2) Another problem that is actually consistent is when running to the earth obelisk if I am damaged to a certain amount of hp it will go to the obelisk and immediately teleport to edgeville using glory to bank and eat food, with the new patch we can choose what hp to eat at so if I set it to like nothing the problem won't happen I'm assuming but still an issue (for example I am 70+ hp and if I get hit enough to drop me to around 40 on the way to obelisk, it will tele away and not make any orbs)
  3. Somethings up with the proggy for me, after an hour I came back and checked up on it, and the progress report says its making 90 orbs p/hr, so I was like oh thats kinda bad lol, I check the bank and its made 400......idk why
  4. Why isn't there a video of this script actually in use lol? Would love to see what it looks like when it works before spending $70 or whatever on it Incase I'm just blind and there is actually a video, sorry lol.
  5. thanks a lot for this, now we don't have to wait for whatever reason word isn't releasing his lol.....
  6. 24 hr proggy and its still running...one word: FLAWLESS
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