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  1. I believe I sold a VIP Voucher to DJMB, I don't think he's a scammer, but idk, maybe a diff person, but I believe that is the correct rsn.
  2. Just released a ChickenFighter. I'll be working on my FlaxPicker and many other scripts soon.

  3. Nice. Freaking. GUI. That thing, is so sexy... Nice job.
  4. I LOVE YOU! So basic, I planned on making my own, but this is pretty cool, now I don't have to. But I do have a request, you should make an option for "Flip path" to reverse the path, for the way back to the starting point. That would help so much. Thanks!
  5. Thought they had this already, guess not. Thank you. Will likely use this.
  6. No fun with a special format VPS name: GoDaddy VPS Site: www.godaddy.com Did you Purchase: Yes If yes, Cost and plan: (Too much xD) $40/m Experience with VPS: I've gone through 10+ VPS providers... Rate: 1-5: 4 Other: Overpriced, but if you really need reliability, they are there. I could get the same service for $10 elsewhere, but this is always online, never gives me problems. Worth the extra $30. Definitely. I also go through them for my website. And so does Elmo.
  7. Yeah quite a few problems with randoms. Everyone's having 'em :\ Guess we can just be patient and wait for the fixes.
  8. I say "Happy botting" too And sweet, glad it's back up, I get to test out my new script now. Edit: and as for the vip system, check my sig. ;) Same one that Elmo is using.
  9. My TRiBot VIP Vouchers are now in stock! - http://TRiBotVIP.co/

  10. I don't mind helping with Live Chat for free. I can type 180 wpm at full speed. Normally, I'm around 135 wpm. I know my way around computers, I'm a programmer and my family owned a computer repair shop for a while, plus I'm a TRiBot user, so I can help out quite a bit with most problems. If you need me, just let me know and I'll help out. You can contact me through PM or by Skype(in signature).
  11. Ah okay, sweet. Thanks. Might use if needed.
  12. Awesome. This returns a string with the last message inside the chatbox right, or is it for reading the dialogue?
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