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  1. Client crash is most likely due to memory running out. How long does it run until crash? What is it doing when it crashes? You could try to increase memory heap to something like 1048MB (on advanced settings) or i can refund if you prefer.
  2. Passive combat, with stand position in 1 of the 2 players use (close to cave wall) and reset aggro outside the main room Some notes: Walking from bank to the mm2 caves isn't supported Looting prayer potions is not very well supported. That's because ground items get into a big pile and sometimes prayer potion menus are outside the game screen. Tribot is not able to detect that
  3. It moves angle down sometimes so it can click further away I'm already moving camera up when idling, not sure what else i can do to improve it
  4. Hey, sorry about the issues you've been facing I've been working on this script this past weekend A few hours ago, fixed looting bag issue and some issues with looting multiple items in the same pile. Version 1.104 Is it attacking monsters you dont want to, or is it trying to attack more than 1 monster at once? Did you set prayers and prayer potions or super restores in the inventory setup? If you can send me your profile (.tribot/beg/BEG Combat/profiles/latest.json) in private, i could load it and fix your issues or if you prefer, a refund
  5. Hey, do you still got that issue? If so, describe it in private chat, i'll help you resolve it
  6. Thats the intended behaviour Did it try to enter the minigame with unique rewards on inventory though?
  7. Fixed, thank you It should enter if inventory has runes only. It should bank if it got any of the unique rewards ("Lost bag", "Abyssal pearls", "Intricate pouch", "Elemental talisman", "Catalytic talisman", "Abyssal needle", "Abyssal lantern", "Abyssal blue dye", "Abyssal green dye", "Abyssal red dye", "Abyssal protector") Is that the case? Never found it doing that, i'll check it
  8. Thank you Rock switching and climb rubble issues should now be fixed, v1.54 Also changed it to use the south rocks since they seem more popular.
  9. Hey @Deez N0ots Added option to empty pouches using shift click Fixed Now it ignores certain activities when guardian is at 100% Now it tries to keep camera angle higher Version 1.50: Choose way of filling pouches: at full inventory, when enough essence, or both Set food (and quantity) to bring to abyss Option to end after a certain runtime Option to end at a certain UTC time Option to open intricate pouches Option to end at certain level Option to end at certain exp Option to end at certain number of pear
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