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  1. Add a hook with friends chat state.
  2. I think that works, would be a bit more of iterations Another option would be to match it exactly just for vengence, afaik it's the only spell with this issue. Although It wouldn't solve possible future spells and could break code doing "vengeance other" with selectSpell("vengeance")
  3. Magic.selectSpell("Vengeance") selects "Vengeance other" spell instead. Bumping from here https://gitlab.com/rune-automation/tribot/TRiBot-Issues/-/issues/627
  4. Corporeal Beast by beg https://begosrs.github.io/tribot/scripts/corporeal-beast Beta version. Let me know if you want try and test it. Features Solo kills. Dragon warhammer, Arclight and Bandos godsword special attacks to reduce stats. Special attack recharge at own or someone else's player-owned-house. Team kills. Coordinate attacks with multiple bots communicating through sockets. Multiple banks supported: Ferox Enclave, Barbarian Outpost, Castle wars, Wintertodt. Private instances support. Customizable gear
  5. Beg

    BEG Utilities [Free]

    Utilities by beg https://begosrs.github.io/tribot/scripts/utilities Contains some utility tasks to interact with my other scripts. Includes: Corporeal Beast private instance host. Keeps open a private instance for the Corporeal Beast. Player-owned-house host. Hosts a player-owned-house. The list will grow in the future as I feel the need to add more tasks. All tasks can be started from anywhere in the game. Arguments profile=profile_filename. Example: profile=latest Gui Paint
  6. Doesn't it behave like that now? I can test it later, but make sure you enabled restock and sell planks setting is on When restocking/muling, it always checks the most profitable plank excluding ones at ge limit
  7. Did you enable printscreens? Can you send me through pm? If so, should be at .tribot/beg/beg poh planks/screenshots
  8. Profit calculator is now more accurate. Its now done incrementally every trip instead of being based on total planks * current profit per plank.
  9. Maximum wait time for offers to complete is now seconds instead of minutes. Added signatures, you can get your own here: https://begosrs.github.io/tribot/scripts/poh-planks/ranking and then click your name to generate a signature. Added a panel on gui with stats settings:
  10. Not sure tbh, never heard of a script getting accounts locked because of hacking
  11. I can't reproduce it, are you able to send a gif to my private messages?
  12. Do you have moneybag close to your portal?
  13. Beg

    BEG Mule [Free]

    Mule will now not stop when it doesn't contain the requested item. Improved the way items are exchanged. Now the bot will only request the difference between the amount it has and the amount it needs. E.g. if it needs 2.5m and it has 1m, it will only request 1.5m. If it needs 2.5m and it has 4m, it will give 1.5m and receive nothing.
  14. Hey, do you have moneybag option on? It turns build mode on only when depositing money on moneybag, since its the easiest way to move around poh. It is as bludlu5t said, although the current price per instance is $3.99 Script can now buy a staff on g.e. if needed.
  15. Can you send client debug through private message?
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