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  1. Beg

    BEG Poh Planks

    Looks like a problem with tribot ui itself, it crashes after calling JOptionPane.showInputDialog. I see it happening with other old scripts aswell. Its hard to debug since i cant see any logs, so im not sure whats going on.
  2. Looks like your tribot dependancies are missing, check this:
  3. You need vip to run local scripts.
  4. Beg

    BEG Poh Planks

    Teak and mahogany options should now be working. Also added regular planks as an option. I currently dont have any account ready to test the script. Let me know if you're having any issues.
  5. Beg

    [FREE] BEG Item Combiner

    Setup seems to be right, are you still having this issue? Unfortunately i dont have an account ready to test that exact setup, but i've just tested with something similar and worked as expected. Meanwhile i've added some debug output, maybe that will help you find the issue. Let me know.
  6. Beg

    BEG Poh Planks

    Slightly modified the mule logic to allow no supplies to be given to the bots. This will force the script to stop a few seconds later when it checks for supplies on bank. Previously, the bot would only accept the trade provided that at least 1 coins, laws, logs (and earth runes) was offered to the trade.
  7. Beg

    BEG Poh Planks

    I believe it's a premium tier method, and with a bit more work on additional functionalities, also a premium tier script. However, im nowhere near getting scripter status, let alone premium scripter status. So, you can expect it to be free and available to everyone for the near future.
  8. From my own experience, options api seems to be quite broken for a while now. To check if roofs are enabled (make sure its not broken too): Options.isRemoveRoofsEnabled() http://www.docs.tribot.org/tribot/latest/org/tribot/api2007/Options.html#isRemoveRoofsEnabled--
  9. Beg

    BEG Poh Planks

    Script now handles world hopping warning messages.
  10. Beg

    BEG Poh Planks

    I don't think there are restrictions. I've used mules with spaces before, but that was a few months ago. I'll check to see if it's still working properly. I've just tested it. The only thing i've noticed is it was case sensitive. I've fixed that now.
  11. Beg

    BEG Poh Planks

    I made it to hop to a non pvp world (currently 330) everytime it logged out, and then hop back to the pvp world once on a safe zone. The reason for that is, if you logout inside your poh, you'll login outside of it and potentially get killed really easy, since the menus are loading, etc. Is it not hopping back to a pvp world? Or is it just because of the new hop warning interface? Probably missclick, i'll update the script to make sure it won't get stuck. You're supposed to trade it right after the bot has teleported to the bank. After that, it wil be able to detect the trade, get all logs/coins/laws/earths/planks from the bank, start the trade, and exchange supplies with the mule. The only thing manual is the mule. But with things as it is, its possible to not have direct access to the bots and still keep it running without risking too many supplies incase it gets banned. Another user said he was having trouble trading the bot because it goes to the bank too quickly. I've added a 5 secs delay before going to the bank when it detects the mule is around. I don't think there are restrictions. I've used mules with spaces before, but that was a few months ago. I'll check to see if it's still working properly.
  12. Beg

    BEG Poh Planks

    Added additional conditions to avoid this. Now teleports to the bank if not enough coins are on inventory.
  13. Beg

    BEG Poh Planks

    If you call the butler, it teleports to you and gets into dialogue right away. Can you explain a bit better what's happening?
  14. Beg

    BEG Poh Planks

    Its supposed to hop automatically to the pvp world you selected when at the bank. Is it not doing it when at the bank?
  15. Beg

    BEG Poh Planks

    Not for now atleast. That would add alot of complexity to the script. You can already get max planks per inventory when not using earth runes. The only downside right now is the risk of getting killed with money on inventory, but if you move your house to other places other than rimmington, the chances of dying are very low.
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