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  1. Hi, don't set any npcs to attack, set the fight area at giant spiders, set one or more safe spots where you want to stand, enable attack from safe spot, add cannon and cannonballs on inventory, set cannon spot
  2. Version 1.18: dont actively attack unless vyres take too long to attack fix issue with door when entering bank fix issue with trying to attack unreachable vyre dont turn off prayers when vyres are nearby, even if away from fight zone (hopefully it will go back when needing to recharge pray) walk to pray altar when too far away
  3. Hi, yes it supports that using specific settings Set fight area at ogres, keep "Attack npc" empty, put cannon and cannonballs on inventory, set cannon spot outside cage, type items to telegrab on "loot items", keep telegrab runes on inventory
  4. If no special handling is needed, then yes it should support that Version 2.60: Organize Antiban and Settings on user interface Add Leave mouse offscreen setting to control how often it should do it Add discord webhooks on valued drops (> 1m), deaths and level ups Fix issue when walking to fight area and banks Automatic detection of current inventory and equipped equipment when setup from user interface is all empty Detect exp gained in the past few minutes and stop script if 0 exp
  5. Hi It supports stacking monkeys, reset aggression, and custom NPC attacking to optimize xp, but it's not able to come back to caves after going to bank to get more supplies
  6. Hey Did you set Npc names to attack? Can you send your profile please? You can get it by trying to load or save a profile, and it will open the folder where profile files are stored
  7. Sent you a DM Version 1.223: Add support to house teleport with runes on inventory, construct. cape and construct. cape(t) Fix stamina potion issue Prevent lower charged teleport jewellery from being deposited into bank
  8. Hi Can you please send as DM some info so i can investigate those issues? Log files: On tribot client > File > View Local Scripts Folder > Go back 2 folders to .tribot > beg > BEG Corporeal Beast > logs > all files there Profile file: .tribot > beg > BEG Corporeal Beast > profiles > last.json
  9. Ah my bad, i thought all max capes had the crafting guild teleport option. I've changed it to use "Max cape" only, and ignore all other variants. Also gave priority to crafting cape over max cape. It checks in this order: inventory craft cape > inventory max cape > equipped craft cape/max cape It's trying to use an option "Crafting Guild" to teleport, but it only exists when equipped: I'll have to remove support to max cape on inventory because dealing with teleport selection while in combat is not ideal. You can still use the crafting cape which does the same Edit: updated
  10. Doesn't max cape have the same crafting guild teleport as crafting cape? Or you'd rather use crafting cape on inventory instead of equipped max cape?
  11. Hi I wasn't aware you could teleport to outside crafting guild using jewellery box. I tweaked some conditions to prevent it from using jewellery box to teleport to crafting guild. Instead it should use an equipped or on inventory crafting cape/max cape. Also prevented it from teleporting to house (which would then use jewellery box) when traveling to crafting guild bank. Instead it'll now use the crafting cape/max cape directly. Let me know if it works as expected, it was a fair bit of logic change regarding teleporting. So, the intended behaviour is to use crafting/max cape to b
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