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  1. User interface now automatically saves a profile called "latest" which has the configurations of a previous execution. Restocking now handles g.e. limits. Added an option to buy a ring of wealth if needed. New argument added: ring_of_wealth - Buys a ring of wealth(5) if needed New user interface checkbox:
  2. Added grand exchange restocking: Activated when out of supplies Supports ring of wealth and varrock teleports Customizable prices and amounts Dynamic pricing based on runelite real-time prices and time waiting for offers to complete Platinum tokens support New options added to the user interface: New arguments added: restock - option to disable or enable restocking. "restock=true" or simply "restock" to enable, "restock=false" or omited to disable. Disabled by default price_deviation - maximum price deviation (in percentage) from the current
  3. Updated, let me know if fixed pls. Also fixed an issue with font loading. Added the ability to save and load profile files. New argument added: profile - profile filename to load. New buttons added to the user interface:
  4. It's a bug on tribot's side, i've reported it a few days ago. Only happens to very few users. I'll add a condition to skip that for you. Just make sure the withdraw all is selected before starting the script.
  5. Added moneybag support. Note that your moneybag must be reachable from the portal. The script will not try to find the moneybag. New arguments added: moneybag - use moneybag. moneybag_amount - set the amount. 100k minimum. 500k by default. New options added to the user interface: Because of a game update a while ago which prevented a teleport right after a portal miss click, the script will now attempt to enter the house instead.
  6. To avoid risking too much unnecessary gear, added an option to deposit gear which is on by default. New argument added: deposit_gear - control the deposit gear handling. deposit_gear=false to disable. New option added to the user interface:
  7. Beg

    BEG Poh Planks

    Hey, script is now premium:
  8. BEWARE: This script uses the PvP world bank chests due to its proximity to a teleport. Turns logs into planks at the player-owned house by sending your Demon Butler to the sawmil. Banks at lumbridge or camelot PvP bank chests. Up to 7k planks/hour and 1m gp/hour depending on settings, your connection and prices. How much to expect: Mahogany profit = (mahogany plank price - mahogany logs price - 1550) x planks per hour Teak profit = (teak plank price - teak logs price - 550) x planks per hour Oak profit = (oak plank price - oak logs price - 300) x planks per hour
  9. Beg

    BEG Poh Planks

    Updated to v2.5. Added a gui to include all the available settings.
  10. Beg

    BEG Poh Planks

    Changed some code the other day and forgot to include the high risk pvp world warning message, should be fixed now, thanks.
  11. Beg

    BEG Poh Planks

    Hey, the mouse is hovering the right world, so it indicates some problem on chatbox. But with the paint on top it's hard to know for sure what happened. From now on i'll force the paint into a minimized state before taking the screenshot. Let me know if it happens again, thanks
  12. Beg

    BEG Poh Planks

    Hey. Should work now
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