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  1. Because you're the only pperson who's farm went inactive cry about you child.
  2. Made a private script is godly always updates if an issue appears and responds super fast to any questions.
  3. looking to get this done ASAP
  4. Lf firecape on wave 41 with decent supplies left 70 range over 80 def and 43 prayer
  5. Order Form: Quests/Services you need: 900 pc points Your Skype: added Do you agree with my T.o.S: yes
  6. I need more then a few quests done need a legit quester that can get them done fast I have used tiemposales forever and he currently could not complete them due to a worker issue so I need some done asap i'm legit and I sure hope you are.
  7. ordering a bunch from him 45-44 agi 47-53 fishing 18-25 herblore 36-56 wcing 1-20 construction 10-35 runecrafting underground pass fremenik trials and isles heroes quest
  8. Placed an order only quester i'll ever buy from legit and fast!
  9. @J M C I do have the account back in my control and my bank thanks to the player he accused of scamming me he sent me the pin to prevent @beastgmod from doing further damage to my account he refunded me part of the money has yet to fufill the full 5mil refund I so far have received 1.8mil.
  10. At the end of the day one of them scammed me it was his service he should have a TWC at least.
  11. He did refund me 1.8m gold, but he also told me his partner scammed me, but what reasoning would his partner have to lie to me and give me my bank pin back I am not disputing the gold as much as he should have a huge TWC on his account for being shady as he is @talon1337 has the screenshots.
  12. http://puu.sh/gXhQ4/39e2941d93.jpg
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