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    just a botter just trying to become a farmer for the better of myself and for the people around me. Willing to share tips and help people out for the better of the botting community. Thanks for checking out my page.
  1. can you contact me via skype asap looking to start out with 2 proxies my username is bbwilt2012
  2. hey just wondering real quick how much a woodcutter (not one thats so public because jagex watches for the same movements)t (whe a combat bot (where i can enter the monster id and maybe even tell it what to pick up& bank within a radius) and then also if it was possible for a dungeoneering? feel free to reply here or send me a message or how much each would cost around or how much for all. thanks bud
  3. when you are botting skills you are more likely to get banned faster because you are trying to make money and that essentially screws up their economy. You are less likely to get banned when training combat skills where there is no real "gain" besides the level. Best of luck and dont overdue it.
  4. hey i used to bot back in the golden ages but this past month i just started up again and obviously it is much harder. I have tried many different techniques. For example, i had 4 bots running on two different ips and i was taking turns with them once every 4-6 hours and id give them a solid 8 hour break at least(i was training fishing and woodcutting, they all got around 40 each). after all these got banned i then tried a different method where i just had two (one for each computer) using a masking Ip address method called CyberGhost. They then got banned (i was training combat one made it to 52 the other 46). Then i tried with just one bot using the ip masker and it was banned before it got to level 15. I was wondering if you experts had any tips for a newbie like me:) Thanks guys and gals!
  5. hey. im running into the same problem as some of these guys. followed all the steps step for step and nothing turned out working. The client just never shows up. I get the log in screen and then this shows up. bought it last night and it worked fine and mid night just went to crap. would appreciate some help thanks
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