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  1. In the motherlode mine, on the main level, the bot always goes to the poll box via minimap click before banking. That seems a bit too regular. This is with default settings, banking after each load.
  2. when doing salamanders: Thanks for fixing the successful traps, but it still spam clicks when looting the small net and rope off the ground from a failed trap. About 3-5 clicks for each item on the ground.
  3. I'd much rather him adding some kind of priority to flicking rapid heal since even if you do flick at 2 hp, the absorption potions are at 50% or less effectiveness.
  4. Playing Games, on absorption mode and rapid heal: During a power surge, it appears to switch between my special weapon and my main weapon every attack. Occasionally it will hit a different prayer and that prayer will be left on while rapid heal flicks, draining my prayer to zero. Occasionally (usually during a power surge) my character will heal to 2 hp and the flicking will stop.
  5. For the rapid heal flicking, can you make it so that it flicks once every 40-50 seconds instead of just flicking constantly? like a randomized amount between a min time and a max time? I don't want it to flick so much, since it really only needs to flick once/59 seconds
  6. Why can't I make bolts or darts with this script? They don't show up on the mithril bar options.
  7. Here you go Xmouse_data-200948-1435699972884.dat
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