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  1. Thanks for the quick fix. It definitely did work after, got to 62 thieving. I want to try to get 99 with this so bad but I'm worried about getting banned. I just don't think it's worth it anymore :\
  2. Hey Aropupu I'm getting this error: [16:27:10] Low on food! Going to bank. Debug: (3288, 2801, 0) [16:27:12] java.lang.NullPointerException [16:27:12] at scripts.aPlunderer.w(aPlunderer.java:1660) [16:27:12] at scripts.aPlunderer.G(aPlunderer.java:1142) [16:27:12] at scripts.aPlunderer.run(aPlunderer.java:1060) [16:27:12] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [16:27:13] Script Ended: aPlunderer [Premium]. [17:53:53] Downloading script 'aPlunderer [Premium]'. [17:53:54] Script Started: aPlunderer [Premium]. [17:54:18] Selecting best rooms based on level... [17:54:18] Rooms 2 and 3 se
  3. Description of the bug: Script fails 75%+ of all runs. It runs to the next tile at the wrong time and I get spanked back to the center.How often does it occur: 75% or more of total runs.Bot/Client debug: I don't have the debug for it. Gave up using it due to risk of ban from running it. (Who would run sorc for 3-4 hours while still failing almost all runs?)What is the version of the script: The newest version availableWhat settings did you select in the GUI?: I selected winter garden getting squirks for thieving xp.Status of the script when the bug occurs: Running to next tile
  4. Service Needed - Questing service Your Skype- Already added you on skype Have you added my skype (live:teamtrustaio) - Yes, Talking now Are you willing to go first- Of Course Do you Agree to the TOS - Yes Any Notes: None!
  5. Do not buy this script, it fails 75%+ out of all runs. I'm running without LG on a high end gaming computer and 40 agility. It's not worth the time/money you will invest to get 25/100 runs completed. Just buy a thieving bot or the pyramid plunder script.
  6. @Tri I'm having an issue with the break handler with Tri Combat. When it tries to take a break at sand crabs it continually tries to logout even when the crabs are still aggressive. Instead of the script having the player run away and logout, it just sits there attempting to logout until crabs aggressiveness goes away OR the player dies. Script won't eat food during the attempted logout. Do I have something setup incorrectly?
  7. When superheating, the bot will attempt to click the spellbook in between casts even though Runescape will automatically switch back to the spellbook. It looks really weird and no human would ever do that. Do I have something setup wrong or is it the script? Thanks.
  8. I'm having the bot use super combat potions and prayer potions, but the bot drinks a dose of the super combat potion every time my boosted stats come down by 1-2. So within 15 minutes I've used all 4 dose super combats. So 16 doses in 15 minutes. Am I doing something wrong?
  9. Alright thanks man. Here's to hoping the account doesn't get banned in the next week. I appreciate it as I'm sure everyone else who is blowpiping does Edit: Also have you tested this script out with bursting? Trying to weigh my options seeing as there isn't a dedicated ape atoll bot. Would pay at least 20 bucks for that script if it was available.
  10. Bot stood in bank for 3 hours trying to take out zulrah scales before it deposited the damn vials. RIP that account.
  11. Is there any way to have it do last game? After the bot completed the one I had setup it selected all monsters, and I'm on a pure. I can't handle the range rape from dagganoth mother. Thanks haha
  12. Hey man, just wanted to say thanks for the outstanding script. To be honest I haven't regretted purchasing 1 premium script, they've all been top tier and yours is no different. Getting DT reqs is not something I've ever wanted to do by hand, and this bot does it perfectly for me. Definitely worth the money, fast xp, flawless, and a cheap script on top of that. Thanks again.
  13. I paid for mine a couple days ago. I sent you my payment ID on this site through a private message aswell as on Skype. In my payment I put my Tribot username, and my e-mail so that you could send me my auth. Any reason I haven't gotten the bot yet? Thanks Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID # 1TF548275B6510305) Original Transaction Date Type Status Details Amount May 1, 2013 Payment For Firecape Nation Incorporated Completed ... -$8.99 USD Customer Service Email: [email protected]
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