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  1. Great script, a few recommendations though. Currently this script is rated about 7/10. Improvements to be made: 1: When walking into cave, and going to east spot, the mouse sometimes clicks on the edge of the minimap causing the character to not move at all. Keeps repeating the clicks until manually fixed. 2: Picks up ranged arrows/bolts at the exact same time repetitively. If you want the bot to pick up 10 arrows, it shouldn't pick up 10 exactly every time. thats un-human like. It should pick up 7, 9,15,17,10,7,10. Something like that, randomly +/- a few digits. Or make an option to pickup arrows after monster is killed. Will save food instead of running out into the open spot and getting hit.
  2. well I'm probably banned. Just found this bot stuck at the seers rooftop stuck clicking the same time, basically spam clicking a tile for who knows how long... it's done it a few time. Please fix this or explain why
  3. The money is not the issue, id rather pay more for my account not to be banned. This script compared to the other one gets stuck, has choppy mouse movements, and doesn't do realistic camera movements.
  4. This script is too bot-like. Buy USA agility for 4$ more and actually save a ban.
  5. Please re-allow human mouse. I have $100+ invested in botting, now i can't even bot. Xmouse_data-20246-1429179692391.dat
  6. i can't access mouse files for mac. Can you please allow me to use human mouse again? it was working for a while. Or can somebody help me access the location of the file on mac, I've done it at least 5+ times but can't get to the file.
  7. Up until today, I'm not able to use the human mouse feature. Just to be sure, i re-newed my VIP-extended subscription, I'm still not able to use the human mouse. Anyone have any idea's why?
  8. Today i logged onto my two accounts i bot on. Everything in the bank valuable was cleared. Lost a total of around ~10m between two accounts. Today before i botted tribot asked "allow "" IP" when i started script. Thats not the exact IP, but something like that. I think when i allowed the ip to connect to tribot thats how i got hacked. is it possible for a script to hack you, and not the actual tribot program itself?
  9. I'm having this exact same problem, looks very obvious. Somebody even asked if i was botting in game. Please fix this. it does the same thing when running from from the bank to the willows/maples in seers, it clicks inside the bank, then outside, repeat. it runs back and forth for maybe 30-45 seconds until i finally clicks the right location..
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