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  1. Hey I'm interested in your service, I pm'd you my skype name and have added you on skype. I'd like to discuss a very simple script.
  2. I'm interested in selling 50M 07. Please pm me to discuss.
  3. I'm more interested in the shrine your supposed to be building.
  4. Deluxes wrote me a script word for word what I asked for. I couldn't be happier, and its flawless. He was very accommodating and it was clear he cared about exceeding what I asked for. Not only did he go above and beyond in writing the script, he also wrote it quickly and within the time he estimated. On top of that, he gave me a great price. Without a doubt I will use his service again.
  5. Scammed 10M off me, DONT TRUST HIM. [7:43:19 PM] *******: hey i was wondering if ur currently buying 07gp [7:43:37 PM] Austins GoldShop: Yes I am how much do u have? [7:43:50 PM] *******: 10m [7:45:27 PM] Austins GoldShop: Alright how much per m? [7:46:57 PM] *******: 2.4? [7:47:05 PM] Austins GoldShop: Yes alright [7:47:14 PM] Austins GoldShop: world 325 lumby bank plz [7:47:23 PM] Austins GoldShop: payal address? [7:47:46 PM] *******: *************com [7:47:51 PM] Austins GoldShop: Ok [7:47:56 PM] *******: ill be there in a sec. rsn: **** [7:48:20 PM] Austins GoldShop: ok [7:49:09 PM] ******
  6. I'd be super interested in a vouch copy if possible. I've used both your range guilder and your free version of garden, and if I can test this for just an hour I think I'd be willing to pay for it, pm me if we can arrange something
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