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  1. I am running the TRiBot on datacenter, but not on proxy at all. I'm running it on Windows Server 2016.
  2. I got an error during bot launch. It seems that the mobile remote desktop resolution settings made bot client basically fuck up. This thread can be removed. Thank you.
  3. That may be a possible. I got already a ban for too many accounts, but there's nothing to do with chat. Evidence isn't showing up. Says that they can't provide a evidence about that. This connection flag opened my mind. I guess it's that. But I'm still wondering... "Why mute? Why not ban insteads?"
  4. Hello. I've tried this bot long time ago. Now I'm back and I downloaded this bot again (default settings, new computer too). I created a new account to OS about 20-40 minutes ago. I used a tutorial island script (required some kind of connections) or it didn't do anything. Then I came out of the tutorial island and I used wCombat Lite to fight with some chickens. I immediately got "automute" in-game permanently. It says that I've advertised a website. What? I didn't even wrote a single word in-game. What's going on?
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