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  1. @Gamete Hard for him to remove it, now that you quoted it. lol
  2. henry432

    If i buy vip

    You will have to purchase that scrip aswell
  3. henry432

    Looking glass?

    Thanks. Looks like I'll be purchasing extended
  4. henry432

    Looking glass?

    I've heard "looking glass" mentioned a few times on the forums. All I know about it is that it's a premium vip feature. I was wondering what it does. Thanks
  5. @Nodemaster I thought it did but it stopped after a few seconds, when i tried it again
  6. @legolas323 it's auto responder
  7. henry432

    Drop trading

    Would a drop trade between 2 accounts on the same IP be traceable? (if I was botting on one and it got banned, would the one that it came into contact with also be banned)
  8. henry432

    "Per auth"

    Okay. Thanks for the quick responce.
  9. henry432

    "Per auth"

    If a script has two instances per auth and I buy one auth, does this mean I can only use it on two specific accounts, or does it mean that I can only run it on two accounts at once?
  10. Worked for me. Great script
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