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  1. Is it possible to add the ability to make the enchant tablets? They are good money atm and make way more than tele tabs. Would be a good option for when tele tabs crash like house tabs have recently
  2. Mine is just giving me this error saying that it can't create a client instance
  3. No, you could really get away with just 1 proxy for all the accounts but I tend to limit my accounts to 7-10 per proxy
  4. There isn't any that i've found, I just came to accept that I need either accounts on hand incase of bans or to babysit my accounts and check in on them every hour or so and manually stop them @godspower33 Could we possibly get a check if it says that the host isn't online or private is off (cannot enter house) that it will stop after say 3-6 failure messages? Would help to increase the life of the accounts
  5. For almost every house layout it will be, both if you host your own and if you use a host in w330, if you need an account for it let me know, I can get one of my reserve ones to you
  6. Is it possible to have the bot use the pools to restore run? Would help to increase the profit just a bit and make it look even more human.
  7. Ah ok, well hopefully it'll get fixed soon (although from reading the report it seems like it's not a high priority) cause it sucks that it negatively effects such an amazing script. I'll continue to use this for sure but i'll make sure to watch it closely, seems to do it after about 2 hours of running it and if i stop the script and run it again it runs for another 2 hours perfectly so I might just do that. Thanks for the amazing script
  8. Yea I use the older one atm, I ended up getting it to work by deleting everything RS related and then retrying (removing jagex cache alone wasn't enough, had to remove all rs and tribot related things and redownload everything)
  9. @Naton It seems to get stuck randomly sometimes closing the bank (idk if you need to know the method i'm using or not but it's Eth Brace Alching). It didn't show an error just sat in the bank and said 'Status: Close Bank' and sat there for about 10-15mins while I watched it. I don't have mini-breaks or any of that setup so I don't know why it just sat there. Just thought i'd give you a heads up, seemed to fix itself after i manually closed the bank for it, it just continued to run like normal and didn't have an issue closing the bank after that. EDIT: Also seems to just get stuck in the bank doing anything randomly, withdrawing ether and bracelets also cause the bot to do the same thing, just sit there and do nothing, manually preforming the task though causes it to work but just happens again
  10. tried using waterfox, didn't work for me still, also tried deleting jagexcache and then retrying, still no luck Also tried to use PaleMoon 64 and 32bits, no luck on either :<
  11. Not true, I've been using a proxy and have several account still active for months, other than the tutorial island script what other ones are you running? On all my accounts I either do tutorial island myself, bot it, or buy the account in groups of 5 for $5 ($1/account) with tutorial island completed (and if I can find it, with the 7qp to remove trade limit for the same price). I've had a couple banned but it was due to the script I was using.
  12. Ah unfortunate then, sad to hear that Thanks for letting me know
  13. I was wanting to donate and couldn't access it and then when I went to the help desk to look for help regarding it I got a message saying unauthorized access, is it just me or are both of those options unavailable atm or is it something with my account? I'd really like to donate as i've made a nice bit of money with the bot so far and wanted to give back to the devs
  14. Use the previous version of the loader if you want to use LG, the current 4.0 launcher LG is broken
  15. Love to hear this Thank you for the updates and hope everything goes smooth
  16. Any word on LG getting back up and running? Love the bot and the feature, I try to not bot w/out it since i've noticed lower ban rates using it
  17. RivenPB

    Auto Crafter Pro

    Loving this script, been using it for a while now on multiple accounts, have several that are 90+ crafting and intend to get a couple to 99 with it while making a couple hundred mill on each account
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