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  1. Perhaps its an idea to make an optional toggle for those who want it to only farm marks of grace ? What I mean by this is that the bot goes afk for +-5 minutes after having received an marks of grace. After having received an MoG it finishes the lap and starts afking or logging out. After coming back from idling you should be able to get another MoG within 2 laps. ( Tested this only on canifis so far ) I think this would reduce the banrate by a lot and if I'm not mistaken a lot of ppl bot agility for the grace set . hopefully I'm making any sense ______ The bot works f
  2. Banrates are different for everyone, but overall I would say low ? I would say don't bot on a account you wouldn't want to lose. Take breaks and play realistic ammount of time (e.g. don't play 10h straight). Even then there's never a guarantee that your account won't get banned, it'll always remain a risk you take once you start.
  3. Started making an account for this script. The bot works fine, however whenever you stop script and re-run it it remains stuck; It goes to the shrine but doesn't attack what so ever and just suicides, once in lumbridge it doesn't go to zul-andra either to recollectitems(Stuck in lumby). Other than that it works like no other. One more question, how accurate is the "GP Center"? It's quite weird for me as it shows that im having a total profit of 30k gp in over 11 kills
  4. Hey, First off ; Amazing script man, they're almost flawless. There are a few things I've noticed running the scripts for over 20 accounts ; 1. Cook's Assistant - Works perfectly fine, no problems what so ever. 2. The Restless Ghost ; It tends to remain in a loop when the coffin is closed and he tries to put the skull inside the coffin. Sometimes it doesn't do anything after quest has been completed. 3. Romeo&Juliet - Works perfectly, no problems 4. Sheep Shearer - Works perfectly, no problems 6. Imp Catcher - Works perfect, however after quest completion it sometimes
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