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  1. Awesome. Hope my suggestions helped you man. Let me know once it's fully functional and I'll definitely buy it again. Cheers
  2. Absolutely! @Usa I have many suggestions for you to add brother. This script has so much potential it's ridiculous. 1. Make the bot go to clan wars for the portal benefits, I believe the bot already does this but not before starting 2. Add antifire/extended antifire support. Also super combat potion/ranging potions would be nice. 3. Make it so you can teleport before your food is empty for safety, say maybe once your inventory/loot bag reaches 75k overall profit or something similar. 4. Support for all banks so you can start the bot at virtually any bank. 5. Safespots for the lower level players using ranged/magic, most likely using the rocks or trees near the dragon spots. 6. Make the bot teleport to wintertodt/clan wars by default after the trip is complete. Since wintertodt is under games necklace same as corp beast teleport. 7. Weapon switching for a whip/dragon dagger combination. Say I only want to spec with dds but use the whip as a default weapon for instance. 8. Option to be able to bury bones instead of eating food to make space, or just bury bones the entire trip for pure prayer experience. 9. Option to use a cannon for faster trips. That's all I have for now man, I'll definitely think of more as time goes on. Should be enough to keep you busy ? Thanks again. 10. Fix special attack, as it doesn't spec twice and stays on the special attack tab for an abnormal amount of time instead of switching back to inventory. 11. Make sure it teleports after the trip is complete. Obvious I know but it still needs to be fixed. 12. Make it eat when you are 60-75% hp instead of the 40-55% it's currently set at. Maybe let the player choose what hp to eat at or just randomize it in a certain range. 13. Make it drink the potions fully before using special attack, instead of just clicking one potion then doing special attack. 14. Make it so the bot doesn't endlessly search the bank for an amulet of glory. It just opens bank, scans for glory, closes bank, then opens the bank again in an endless loop. (Easy way to get banned) One thing I've noticed is it doesn't travel back to dragons after using the glory to teleport to the edgeville bank. It banks just fine, but it doesn't teleport after. Also, it automatically trys to teleport you to clan wars if your prayer is 0. But it doesn't run or teleport it basically all just freezes, just says that on the GUI. Sorry for spamming the thread Hope my feedback helped @Usa
  3. @Usa Hey man, have you seen my bugs post? Just wondering if we can have an ETA on when you'll take a look at this. Thanks.
  4. Ran it for maybe 2 minutes, appears to be working. Thanks! EDIT: Bug 1: It is manually walking to castle wars bank instead of teleporting. Same with clan wars when your prayer hits 0. Please make it teleport to clan wars instead for the portal benefits! Bug 2: It has a green overlay saying "FULL" over the looting bag, even when it is empty. Bug 3: When banking at edgeville using a glory, it just stands there after grabbing the items and never teleports back to the dragons.
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