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  1. Rather disappointing IMO. Surely simple to change and yet..... Oh well. Don't have to renew VIP do I
  2. Firstly this is a fantastic idea for anti-ban IMO. A lot of users AFK somewhat and their mouse will leave the OSRS client every so often. Secondly the fact that it leaves and enters the screen at the same place every single time is shockingly bad. No?! All you need to do is randomize where it leaves/enters. I've searched the forum and found a couple of topics on this subject but it still exists. So, is this ever going to be changed?
  3. Can't quote you a number but there's all kinds of lower levels in the Novice boat, you should be fine.
  4. The time it spends getting to the first portal and turning prayers on, is sometimes too long and the portal is destroyed. It can happen, I've watched it, but not often for a high level.
  5. Issues >Point Spending - does not spend points (On void) It will idle, and log-out, when it reaches the maximum of 250 points. (I cannot vouch for exp) >Damage Rating - I feel you should add something in, to make it know that it needs to quickly get the 50 damage if it has under 50 and your team are ploughing through the portals like a swarm of locust. Occasionally, it will not get the 50 damage and therefore the points. It's not a huge issue because it does not happen often, and will carry on as normal any way. But you could work on it soon. >Hopping Worlds - Pain in the fecking arse or what? Sometimes it will follow the clan, sometimes it will not. I have not watched it every time but I feel it is due to the clan throwing the bot off the scent i.e. "writing" the world, i.e 'world forty five' etc. Any way, good luck with this one mate. [Tips to others - (Be sneaky and add a few members of the clan so you know which world they are in. In case you get a temp ban from the clan)] Nice script. EDIT: A note towards new users - This script is worth the purchase. You have 1 free Pest Control script in the forums which, let's be honest, is the project of a fellow user. He has no obligation to update and improve his script and has every right to do it at his own pace, so you will never have the security of a premium script. If you are looking to get that Full Void then you can do so in a single weekend with this script. Just bite the bullet and don't be a tight-arse .
  6. Good question lol. People have some cheek these days.
  7. Keep allowing it and eventually it will run fully without prompting you. Again, this is just what I have found.
  8. The rare counter is not counting Eggs for me. Collecting but not counting (No problem for me, just a heads up)
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