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  1. Seems to be running pretty smoothly. The gp calculator seems to be off tho.
  2. I have both this and cbtexan4's GDKs and after quick testing am happy to say that this is faster than his. Still have to perform a run overnight to see how stable this is. Well done.
  3. Sounds awesome. Will buying of items be resupported again? Definately. Am a few points away from 3 sets myself.
  4. Mind if I ask why? Would be a very useful addition. I, for example, can not usually check the bot more than once or twice per day during weeks. Meaning it can only run for around 5 or so hours per day.
  5. Purchasing of Void parts appears to be broken. The script has twice stopped at 250 points even tho I have chosen multiple items for it to purchase. Have not witnessed the act of it stopping, but I know for sure it did not buy the item at 250.
  6. Currently not working. Probably the latest tribot update. Just swaps between chat tab + attack styles stab. Works when started in game, but gets stuck after the game, will not re-enter.
  7. eki11

    Fire RuneCrafter

    Dueling ring method is broken I guess. Message: "Logic of broken."
  8. eki11


    Works again, thanks ! :3
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