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  1. @Netami you're a life saver fella, works perfect now. how do i disable gpu plugin so it stops crashing? thanks alot
  2. whenever i load the bot client, (just spent ages with jar fix and reinstalling all java to my pc several times as client stoppped working for me. The looking glass window just loads a blank black screen? any help would be greatly appreciated, first time back on rs and botting for a long time.
  3. it's still not working for me, will leave it loaded up for a while and see if it loads my scripts
  4. aah fuck, looks like ill have to start training manually haha, thanks dude
  5. When i load my tribot client (3.02) is doesn't load any of my scripts? One's i've bought and free ones. Haven't been able to use any of my bots for 3 days?
  6. I also have this problem, i have purchased premium scripts and i have free scripts, however none of these show up in the scrip file?
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