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  1. I've had luck with avoiding bans using your scripts so I used your free script vs the paid combat scripts. If you think there is another combat script that is a better alternative, do you mind telling me which one so I can purchase it. Thank you, Naton.
  2. ARKSlayer Pro Bug Report Form Description of the bug in your own words: the script kept hopping worlds even though there was nobody in the cannon spot or in the world at hill giants Debug panel contents: [Hop Management] There is another person at my cannon spot, let's pick another spot [Hop Management] There is a person at my cannon spot, let's not crash - hopping It kept repeating this over and over Task being completed: Hill giants Your equipment at the time: obsidian knife, dragon defender, obsidian armor Settings you were using (eg. Fairy Rings on? Prayer on? Special attacks on?): none Any other relevant information: i closed the client and restarted, it still did the same thing. First time encountering this.
  3. When different mob is attacking you in a single combat area while you are targeting a different mob, it will constantly spam the targeted mob.
  4. It doesn't stay within the set range. Other than that no problems so far
  5. Does this support eternal slayer ring? for the accounts that don't have high enough craft level to craft slayer rings?
  6. @Netami getting the reqs for the zeah rc, ill message you my acc info when i get it
  7. When the script levels up, it leaves the box trap on the ground and just puts another in its spot. With each level, the remaining box traps in my inventory go down with it. Other than that, everything seems to work
  8. vho835

    nRogues Den

    Looks like nTheiving next? Hmm
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