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  1. Uploaded a video of the bot clicking the ring slot after every time it presses chase @FALSkills Let me know if you need more info. 00c5899b3405f7eb25c09f82e7b25c05.mp4
  2. Ahh thanks! Would it be an idea to have the VIP purchases also come up in the purchase history? Thanks for your help!
  3. Hey, I bought 20 credits on the 21st of February. I bought VIP-E and aAgility from those credits. After a few weeks I bought VIP-E again because I thought it had ended. Today my VIP-E ran out, which shouldnt be possible if I bought VIP-E twice the past month. Can someone look into this? Thanks in advance
  4. Jamies script works perfectly fine if you just select Phials as your way of getting new bones. Instead youve been stuck on getting someone to add Rimmington banking with housetabs for over a month and complain that the scripts are broken.
  5. They are aware and working on it at the moment.
  6. They are aware and working on a fix.
  7. After I deleted the hook.dat I restarted twice, and some times in between. Could you try and explain to me how I would need to setup for a session of dreams with absorptions, rock cake and maul as spec weapon? I don't think it's a script problem either, probably just the way I'm setting it up
  8. I tried both full script and solo game, in and out of the dream, in and outside the NMZ square, with and without potions already in inventory, all either just stop or say I'm not in the "zone"
  9. Hey Naton, I tried running your script, but doesnt matter where I start, it says "We have ended outside the zone, ending script" Is there some specific setup that Im missing? I already tried deleting the hook.dat, but that didnt fix it. Maybe you can help me setup the script? Im trying to train with Rock Cake and Absorptions only, staying at 1hp by either flicking the Rapid Restore prayer or by eating rock cake when above 1HP.
  10. I do have a question about this script. Been using it for a around 10 hours now, but the amount of bars/h is significantly lower than the max possible. Im getting just under 2k steel bars/h instead of the max of 4k. I dont have Ice Gloves so that should impact it a bit, but not halve the profits right? Am I doing something wrong?
  11. DaxHunter and Sand Crabs script cant read their tiles anymore, which causes them to run to random places. Is there something I can do about that or do I have to wait for a script/cleint update?
  12. Ay cmon, have some faith I know how to get it working, just thought it was a regular VIP feature. Thanks for the help tho, just completely looked over the upgrade button.
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