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  1. Not sure whats up. But no script seems to work on LG. Like everysingle premium script i have tested in this 2 hours doesnt work o-o, Seems like walking is bugged and a portion of scripts interactions are too. Perhaps update fucked up most scripts? USA scripts, Dax's, and others cant even seem to walk to a location, if you place then there they just go apeshit and click on wrong tabs, do wrong tasks.
  2. Got 850k/hr with this script doing black chins. Just got 99 hunter. Prob best script ive used on tribot. Edit: Combat is around 60~ Got like 5 deaths from lvl 12-99 Hunter
  3. @Tri Loops " saving skills - Complete " doesnt do anything else.. *edit teleported mannually to barbarian outpost and it continued working.
  4. @Leespiker Script becomes useless when it goes on a loop to hop to deadman's world. Its a easy fix, please fix it so it doesnt hop on it.
  5. Other spells DO NOT work, still tries to use Fire Strike no matter what selected, withdraws correct runes, when comes to safespot just tries to use the Fire Strike spell. @Usa
  6. Went through the repo, couldn't see a Fighter with banking support? Is this a personal mistake or is banking truly not fully implemented in free / paid combat skills? -mr
  7. Mrlnt

    11/1 bans

    None currently. 0/20
  8. Mrlnt

    System Update

    Looking glass isn't working. Grey screen.
  9. I Can vouch,got me ready to bot fast and great communication.
  10. So im having this problem on my Ubuntu VPS Ive setup everything by a guide i found on here. Everything works okay,i got a 1gb vps it works great. downloaded TRiBot_Loader.jar did chmod +x TRiBot_Loader.jar Then try to run it with java runtime. and it does nothing, tryed spamming it nothing no window no nothing. Tryed another .jar bot for testing and it worked. Please someone assist me
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