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  1. Great script so far, regular updates hidden gem script for sure. Keep it up Elon
  2. Nice release little addition of summer pie for accounts with 74agility would be neat for fast bank travel times! I'll update on how it goes
  3. I should have read the latest replies before purchasing because on your post it shows rogues den in the tab without the "coming soon" which is what we see after purchasing the script :/. eta on rouges?
  4. I was 10 monkfish points until god tier which unlocks 100$ coupon and 25% off coupon, which I was saving to bulk buy now it's gone the day I wanted to use them :(.
  5. Bought 2 instances and managed 2x 5hour sessions on two level mains and then they got permed lol
  6. what else is there to do for profit then? there's hardly any other working scripts on the site Either I'm stupid or missing something, what are people botting for money or so they have a "bot farm" there's nothing else to bot for profit, especially not in free scripts or premium.. (for people not willing to lose their main account/only have new accounts)
  7. what does suicide botting do, in f2p, it's useless what can you even do? i got to 50-58 wc on 6 accs, each got banned before getting 60 for yews(profit) i got 54 fishing before being banned doing fly flying (no profit) can you give me advice?
  8. You didn't read my reply, 1 shot 1 hit, doesn't matter. THE MOMENT you click accept IT WILL GO to player 2. THE MOMENT you click attack, 1 shot or not it WILL cancel your trade.
  9. No it wouldn't work, the timing couldn't be possible when you click accept it'll go through to player 2, before player 3 kills player 1. And if player 3 attacks to soon it'll just cancel trade.
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