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  1. Bought 2 instances and managed 2x 5hour sessions on two level mains and then they got permed lol
  2. what else is there to do for profit then? there's hardly any other working scripts on the site Either I'm stupid or missing something, what are people botting for money or so they have a "bot farm" there's nothing else to bot for profit, especially not in free scripts or premium.. (for people not willing to lose their main account/only have new accounts)
  3. what does suicide botting do, in f2p, it's useless what can you even do? i got to 50-58 wc on 6 accs, each got banned before getting 60 for yews(profit) i got 54 fishing before being banned doing fly flying (no profit) can you give me advice?
  4. questions answer thanks, can close.
  5. It's a browser? I'm on it now. But when I go to whatismyip it shows my IP how do you enable the proxy? or am I dumb?
  6. I've made 3 accounts on my main IP then used a proxy which I bought for each one, they're banned now. With that said my question is if you buy a proxy how do you create an account with the proxy, or doesn't it matter what IP the account is created with just the IP botting the account? How do people create accounts with different IP's? Thanks.
  7. Rendual

    But glitch 07

    You didn't read my reply, 1 shot 1 hit, doesn't matter. THE MOMENT you click accept IT WILL GO to player 2. THE MOMENT you click attack, 1 shot or not it WILL cancel your trade.
  8. Rendual

    But glitch 07

    No it wouldn't work, the timing couldn't be possible when you click accept it'll go through to player 2, before player 3 kills player 1. And if player 3 attacks to soon it'll just cancel trade.
  9. Also my question about proxy's, I bought 3, used 2 per proxy on F2P accounts (Kinda dumb) they're all banned now so are my proxy's that I bought off this site useless? as theye're "flagged?" and anyway to request a change of IP on them? is that possible?
  10. Thanks for the reply answered most my questions, Will manually making 2-3 accounts and getting them manually 20-30cb then making them P2P then botting on them with proxy for each one, do you think that's better and will last longer botting maximum 7-8hours a day?
  11. Hi guys yesterday I bought VIPE for the ability to use proxy's for my premium script and my P2P accounts, then I bought 3 proxy's from the moderator, Montreal and used 2 accounts per proxy, 2 per premium script (not 6 on same script/activity) after only 4hours of botting the first two were banned on one proxy, after 8more the 2 extra proxy's (4accounts) were also banned. So my question is, why did i/people invest in these proxy's when they cost 4$ per acc+8$ VIPE+5-20$ per premium script to get banned the same way as F2P suicide botting? how are people making pofit from bot farms when I can't get the required level to start making money before getting banned. Are the proxy's already flagged or and I the unluckiest botter alive? I don't get it? Where do I go from here? are my 3 proxy's useless? do I have to buy 3more? or can I create more accounts and get P2P on them and they're not flagged doom to be banned quickly. Is the proxy service possible to change your proxy IP or give you a different one since they're unlimited stock shouldn't be a problem? Thanks if you read all I appreciate any help/advice/answers.
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