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  1. I don't think its cheap when your platform charges fee. Example a seller sells OSRS gold at 0.51, your platform charges 0.05 as fee per mil. Which made the gold price of seller 0.56. with the price of 0.56, i could of buy from someone else who sell at 0.5/m without fees.
  2. Just brought this script because it couldn't complete the quest itself in the 1 hour trial. A few points: - Questing is impossible on level 3 unless you manually eat food(?) - Quest failed again and again, worse case, it will fail safe and you have to restart everything from checking bank for supplies and taking boat to catherby. Isnt it better to just teleport? - Bot withdrew all my GP just to buy a varrock tab, Falador tab and didnt deposit it back. Uhhh? 10m GP in inventory to do quest with 10HP. Okay?
  3. If you plan to start 500 bots and are lazy to do so/not going to know whats about to happen . then start low like haxx said so. Besides, no one will tell you their method into successful botting, not especially in tribot. everyone here starts small and grind their way through rain and storm before being able to enjoy the outcome.
  4. i bet there's someone already motivated by this and planning to invest huge in botting thinking its easy ??
  5. came across a server configuration with 64 cores 128GB Ram. How many bots do you think it could run before being max out? ?
  6. 1 unoted clay , 1 law, 1 fire rune and have air staff equipped. problem solved.
  7. As stated on title. I'm looking to buy all twitch prime that hasn't claim 14 days runescape membership yet. Looking to buy bulk as well but wouldn't go first unless you're well rep. Leave a reply with your offer or send me a PM :)) Thank you.
  8. The latest update has issue with multiple instance open on 1 tribot client. I keep getting crashed if i were to open more than 5 instance. There wasn't such issue on previous few updates. I've been stucked here for quite sometime and even if i were to run 1 client per LG, it does crash as well. I have no idea how i'm going to resolve the issue i am having. Recently just extended my VIP and script duration and seems like it is all to waste. Same goes to my servers. Not complaining, but just hoping everyday get fixed.
  9. client is still dead for me as well. Script will automatically stop without any error shown on bot debug or client debug as well as not running any breaks. Pretty sure it is not a script issue either since previous tribot version this does not happen. Now it seems like every 4 hours, all my script instances will automatically stop.
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