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  1. Am I the only one having all proxies from proxyfish down? Neither can connect to rs P.S. Thanks for the discount code
  2. Also another common thing that doesn't look very human-like is that it tries to use protect from mage at dragons but it always misclicks in the beginning and only after running to the middle of dragon area it successfully turns mage prayer on
  3. Looks like it keeps failing to teleport from pkers after today's update. It right clicks the glory, misclicks the teleport, takes blowpipe off instead and just stays here till death while trying to hop worlds under attack.
  4. Here's two proggies from me Lots of deaths, the 8h proggy got me like 1m actualy profit, 6 hours proggy like 2m profit... I don't know if it's just my thought or do more people think the same way, but could you make it count an actual profit? If it detects a death, could it deduct the profit from total loot? Considering it calculates loot in inventory after every looted item, it shouldn't be too hard to do?
  5. Over 90 combat, that's the problem Gonna train a new acc just for revs, will be lvl 70ish once done I think
  6. Damn I thought Haunted mine had way higher requirements, but from what I see, guess I'll do it Already lost 20 sets within 6 hours Guess I'm losing money at revs right now lol
  7. My bad, sorry. Idk how did I get to this topic, thought I was on revs topic replying to you. Okay I'll try that, but doubt I'd get any kills with 80 range then ?
  8. Yea I've set it to 80%, but it won't attack even fresh spawned npc... stuck next to north-east imp
  9. It was stuck for like 10 mins at the beginning of revs, I tried moving it by hand, it still wouldnt react. It had a "false pker alarm" before getting stuck too. Also it doesn't seem to be working properly as I've selected almost every npc in rev caves with the option to use whole cave, yet it only attacks a hellhound.
  10. Some people say botting for 24 hours straigth is difficult and risky. Face that girls! @Naton A juicy proggy for you man, as promised Hope you'll be inviting me for future beta tests of upcoming scripts And yea, a little suggestion, which is not important, but still would be cool to see: Add an option to use current weapon's special attack, not only switching to g maul
  11. Back on the track, nice to see the updated version, been botting right before you reworked it And I'm sure you're going to get the best proggy off me (at least from what I've seen so far)
  12. Okay, guess I'll hit you up if I'll see it not finished when I'm back And if it is, I'll make sure to try it out myself
  13. I am interested, but guess you'll need beta testers sooner than I'll be back from vacation on jun 30th?
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