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  1. Budget $500-$1,000 My Money, My Time, Your Work You need to be competent and good at what you do Add me on skype, the job will be by my terms and by my time, if you cant design a good website in a specific time frame DO NOT ADD ME! Looking to have this completed in 14 days so it is a grind 10 days to be designed and applied and 4 days for trial and error/bug fixes etc. Please read everything above carefully before adding me on skype because if you don't "be prepared to call me a dick". What I have - Domain + SSL VPS Hosting What you will be doing - Web Design + Coding Designing 10-12 pages Landing Page Some back end CSS like admin panel and customer + worker panels.
  2. CS:GO and League Boosting Service Opened.

  3. CS:GO Boosting Service Requirements: Steam Account with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Rewards: The rank you bought. All items that drop during the boost are yours to keep. Delivery Time: We need 2-10 days to complete all orders. The size of queue depends on many things (patches, number of customers, etc.) but we usually need around 4 days to complete most orders. Please note: only Global Elite takes 10 days. Every other CS:GO Rank Boost takes few days. When we start the job we will tell you the ETA when you can expect it to be done. $11.00 Per Rank or $55.00 Silver I to Silver Elite Master $11.83 Per Rank or $55.00 Silver Elite Master to Master Guardian I $22.00 Master Guardian I to Master Guardian II $26.00 Master Guardian II to Master Guardian Elite $32.00 Master Guardian Elite to Distinguished Master Guardian $71.00 Distinguished Master Guardian to Legendary Eagle $71.00 Legendary Eagle to Legendary Eagle Master F.A.Q: How do I contact you if my questions haven't been answered? You can use the live chat which is located in the bottom right corner. Or you can contact us by email: [email protected] Are we using Cheats/Hacks? No, we don't use hacks or cheats. A professional player will play on your account. Are my Steam Items protected? If you are worried about the security of your items/inventory, please be aware that the booster will log into your Steam account from a new location, and that will give You 7 days market cool down. That means the Steam trade / market is CLOSED for us. I don’t want my friends to see that you play? In the steam chat we are offline while we play, so no one can see that we are actually playing or that we are online. If you want us to go online for any reason tell us please over email or livechat. Can I play other games on my Steam account? Its best not to play other games, but you can do it if you want. You can’t play CS GO but other games should be fine. Who will play on my account? A professional CS:GO player who plays competitive in the E-Sports scene. Is it safe? We use different VPN/mac address for every CS GO Boost to ensure maximum security. I am Unranked or I have a New Account how to order? If you have a new account or didn’t win your first 10 games check out our service. How is the CS:GO Rank Boosting done? 2-5 Players play in team ranked games until they get your desired rank. How do I track the progress or how do I know the job is done? When we start a job you will get the player’s email so you can contact him about the progress, or you can contact us about the progress. When the job is done we will contact you over email.
  4. League of Legend Boosters & Powerleveling Application We are a new boosting company trying to enter into the League Boosting Market. We are currently looking for around 1-3 boosters for now. This amount will increase over time, so just message me on Skype about it. The amount of salary you get is 75% of what we charge for boosting before Paypal fees. We are looking for Diamond 1, Master, and Challenger Players Professionalism Well lets get to the point, I need some info from you as well(You pm or skype me this): Current division and last season's division (Need proof) If possible, win ratios for each division How many hours can you boost a day? Downpayment for League boosting is 0.00 you must have proof that you can boost. Runescape Questing & Powerleveling Application Job Duties: Questing, Skilling, Barbarian Minigame, Rune Defenders, FireCape and more Working Hours: Flexible; On your Free Time. Pay: You will be paid 80%-85% of service cost Requirements: RS Services/Activities. Displays a positive attitude towards the team and the customers. Team Player/Cooperative Avid Quester/Skiller Downpayment for Runescape Services & Questing is 20m CS:GO Boosters & Grinders from All Locations We receive several applications each day, so make sure you set yourself apart. Some good information to include is your previous history with CS:GO, or CS in general, your current rank, the highest rank you’ve achieved, and what time zone you’re in. Remember that you must be a Supreme Master First Class, or Global Elite. The rest is up to you! As a CS:GO booster you are looking to be paid 80-85% of the boosting price. Good luck! We hope to see some of you join our CS:GO boosting family! Downpayment for CS:GO boosting is 0.00 must have proof that you can boost. Live Chat Application We're looking for many sales commission agents to join our team. We are currently looking for agents in all time zones. We are currently accepting applications from all users. While we are not known as a big gold shop, we strive to bring the best customer service. A strong candidate has problem solving skills that understands the best for the company. As a agent, you will be tasked with providing support and delivering products to our customers. You are to act with professionalism and be over the age of 18. A strong agent also stays organized throughout all tasks, being able to multitask without any problems. Team members are paid 20% of the profit from their delivered orders as well as a $25-$50 monthly bonus depending on how well you represented our company for that month. Depending on the time zone and effort put in the salary range could be anywhere from $300-600per month (All depends on your effort). Please understand that because we are a newer gold shop, we will run into times of "dead times". Joining our team means you are tasked with building our brand. Downpayment for live chat is 20m an investigation will be performed before you start. WOW Leveling and Boosting Working on the hiring notes for this as we speak. That concludes the positions we are hiring for, feel free to inquire about anything else.
  5. skype: james.horvak-easygoldstop I don't go first so don't ask
  6. Well I have a new website being made, this was the website that started my business up. Its a website for beginners its fully equipped with a checkout system and tracking, uses WHMCS as secure checkout. Some things that will come with the website: 1. The domain will not come with the website because it is owned by me. 2. The WHMCS license is 15$ per month 3. The webhosting will be free can be hosted on my 99.9% up time guaranteed network. 4. Maxmind security will come free with 25,000 queries will be 5$ per month after that. 5. Comes with free CloudFlare You can use multiple checkouts, PP, MP,Skrill whatever you can think of this website supports. I can pretty much teach you how to change the prices and such things and teach you everything you need to know about WHMCS or I can simple give you the PSD's. This website will only be sold to one person. I am the copyright owner. Starting bid $100.00 A/w will be $200.00 Initially paid $350.00 Here is the website you can PM me for the link to the actual site. Let me know if you need to see anything else. Again its a very good site for beginners very easy to keep up with and manage. If interested add my skype james.horvak-easygoldstop or post questions below.
  7. EasyGoldStop

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    add skype james.horvak-easygoldstop I can sell you some GP
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