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  1. Yeah I meant EXNightmareZone. I'm just too sleepy sorry. Thank you for clarifying man, appreciate it.
  2. I bought off here the NMZ staker. I don't know why the script is not shown. May someone help me out and tell me it 's not monthly and it's lifetime? :/
  3. Yeah you should buy a bond for each account and try running 5 accounts.
  4. Assumption

    Hunter bots

    How much are you offering? I can get it done hand-trained if you want.
  5. Use GE then? I don't think you'll find someone here with 50k soft clays if GE doesn't? Good luck :~)
  6. How long have you been playing RS: around 7 years. Questing or Skilling: Skilling could do both I'd prefer skilling though. Anything else you think I need to know: I'm a mature person and I'm fast at what I do. I could get the job done as soon as possible. I wanted to work for someone in a very long time however I don't feel like asking people or making a thread about it however I've seen this thread and decided to apply. Whether you might think I'm not trusted since I'm new on this community but atleast I can maybe show you my Runescape account or even other forums I use.
  7. Post the debug and what script is it?
  8. good game
  9. rs3 client is bugged because no one bots anymore on rs3 really
  10. Assumption

    Green dragons

    I wouldn't recommend botting green dragons. You should try MuteSlayer script you'll make more profit than green dragons at like 75+ slayer and it's free xp. Has a high anti-ban rate aswell.
  11. There's few of them. You should re-search yourself man.
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