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  1. Hey JJ, not a bug report, but I just wanted you to know that I've been using your script for years now and I appreciate the work you've done for us. I just wanted to say thank you for putting so much effort into this script and your continuation of updates for the lifetime licenses.
  2. I've started my gold farm quite a while ago and it took me some time to figure out what works and what doesn't. I keep notes on all my bots and I write a small evaluation when a bot gets banned; this method of note taking helps me elude bans. Here are some tips. 1) Woodcutting with non-established accounts = insta-ban. 2) Money/Hr is garbage on F2P (only good for training). 3) Killing cows is A okay, but once you pick those cowhides up, you get banned. Everyone has to experiment. I went from 150k a day to roughly 2M/14 Hrs. EDIT: Just my two cents, but I don't think questing actually affects the way Jagex bans people. I never quest.
  3. Computer Engineering Major here, if you want to learn Java, Harvard and other Universities have free programming lecture videos on youtube, it just takes some googling. Be warned though, if you take this route, it will be boring 50% of the time. The best way is to spend some money on a book, read through it, and try to work on some examples. If you want to be proficient, it will take some time. But yeah, google is one of the best places to grab information. I would sell my left testicle to bring back google if it ever went down.
  4. 1) Combat is nearly 100% safe (using the right scripts) if you don't go after money making monsters (this means no cowhides). 2) Botting cowhides and woodcutting is asking for a ban. 3) Don't expect your F2P bot to go from 0 money to free membership. It takes a long time and lots of patience. 4) If you're dirt poor and can't handle it, walk around GE and Runescape and ask people for handouts, good Samaritans give out lots of money. 5) Your account can be banned at any time for any reason.
  5. Script Queue is a better way to do it. Open up Script Queue, add your scripts with whatever settings, set the duration, then execute. When the duration expires, then it stops the script.
  6. meisgoot312

    f*ck Jagex

    During an experimental botting run with 3 of my veteran bots and my mule, the three bots got banned. Fortunately, my mule was untouched (even when I transferred all the stuff over). This being said, I know on many occasions, the mule gets banned along with the bots. Your plan of "goldmining the shit" out of Runescape, doesn't sound too safe to be honest.
  7. meisgoot312

    Best Free WCer

    Just my two cents, but I don't think woodcutting is safe at all (in general) without an established account.
  8. I won't tell you my methods, but I will give you some tips. 1) If you bot cowhides or woodcutting, chances are you'll get banned within 48 hours. 2) Level 3 accounts pretty much get instabanned. 3) It takes a while to set up an array of bots. 4) When I started out, I PM'ed a few people for just tips, then I experimented on my own based on those tips (I've made many bots, and I've finally found the golden key). 5) Getting banned is part of the business.
  9. Just going to say: If you you think its as easy as buying a premium script and woodcutting, you're dead wrong (especially F2P). It takes a bit of time to prepare bots for their final hour. Also, many people say that the "safe botting" methods on this forum don't work, and my only response to them is, it does.
  10. I tried the exTutorial script just for the hell of it, and got banned within 2 hours. I'm currently running tests and keeping notes and so far, the one that botted the tutorial was the fastest banned, it didnt even start anything crazy after getting off the island.
  11. Hello again fellow TriBot members, I understand that botting has the inherent risk of being instantly banned, but the first hurdle for me so far is the 24 hour time limit, or rather, what comes right after it. I can get my bot past the 24 hour trade limit easily (by either not botting that much, or playing the account legitimately), but what happens after? Some curiosities that I have: - Do I need to level up my money making skills at the same rate as my combat skills? - I've read conflicting advice on whether or not quests help with anti-ban, what is your opinion? - What is your opinion of the general timeframe for setting up a "below radar"/Low-Profile bot? - Do you think Jagex is targeting Total Levels or Specific Levels in x amount of time? - How does botting in a bot-heavy area affect your chances of getting auto-banned?
  12. @lovetocamp I sent you a PM regarding some of your methods. It would be greatly appreciated if you could answer some of my questions! Thanks in advance!
  13. It definitely would not. I'll see what I can do with them, I'm still making experimental accounts. Would you say that most of these before 24 hour bans are from time vs. exp gain rather than macro mouse detection? I'm watching TriBot work and ABCL-10 makes it look like there really is a person doing the activities.
  14. Oh I see, I'm sorry about asking again, it's just that I'm new to the new Runescape 2007. Before, I could just bot away. Alright, I'll let my accounts sit for a while before botting. By the way, how's the life on those after 2-3 weeks? Do they last a lot longer (if banned at all)? Do the accounts need to be active while waiting? Thanks for the tips guys. @Frosty XVII what's a bater?
  15. I'm not new to botting, but the last time I botted was a long (long) time ago. I recently started botting again now that Runescape 2007 is F2P I feel as if I can play again. That being said, I've hit some roadblocks in my botting revival. When I downloaded TriBot, I purchased 3 premium scripts: Master Chopper AIO (Druid), JJ's AIO Fighter Pro, and wMotherload Premium. I created two new accounts to woodcut with and they were both banned within ~16 hours. I set breaks and had then woodcut over the course of 2-3 days. I began chopping trees near Draynor, moved onto the oaks, then eventually the willows. These characters were both level 4 with 5 attack and around 55 woodcutting (one 59 and the other 53). Both of these accounts were behind a proxy. These bots were exclusively woodcutting bots, they did nothing else other than the 5 attack. I've read the guides outlining how not to get banned, but it feels as if Jagex has tightened their grip (definitely compared to before). Are there tips from any experienced members on this forum to get past the 24 hour kill period? I feel as if the 24 hour period is when most bots die. I'm not asking for a guide or anything (we all have our secrets), but some tips on how to get past the trade restriction. Thank you for your attention. EDIT: I'm starting another botting experiment, this time I'm going to get him to level 20 attack before woodcutting. 20 attack, then woodcutting to 40, then mining to 40, then back to attack. Repeat.
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