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  1. What did I miss the past few months? Why is gold now $0.88/m?
  2. how long did it take you? and was it macroing major? second time this account has been caught
  3. damn I had several paragraphs to send to them all written out... super objective it seems. maybe I should go buy a lotto ticket instead
  4. I'm 95% sure I've read somewhere that you can message Jagex in an attempt to lift perm bans on accounts through accepting responsibility for the situation your account is in. Does anyone know where to do this or what form I have to fill out for this?
  5. wondering about getting this to bot 80-89 at rellekka... has anyone achieved this recently?
  6. Wondering what the best way to create and train around 10 accounts would be? Assuming my IP is auto flagged, should I split all of them up on proxies from the get-go - even create the accounts on a web browser that support proxy use so I can match the browser creation up with the IP the account would be botting on?
  7. if you have multiple gear selections created make sure that you have the correct one selected when you start the bot up
  8. How is the magic only option treating those using it?
  9. Where have you guys experienced the best service buying and using sock5 proxies for botting OSRS?
  10. how to you plan on splitting up the ip addresses of your osbuddy clients? interested to know. pm me
  11. if you noticed, the fisher and the middle and left fishing spot together make a triangle
  12. what is the kd/ratio you are getting? when you are saying though that you were just standing there did it look something like this? If so it just happens sometimes I guess, could be some sort of issue with LG? would rather die a few times though than not use LG https://gyazo.com/77ee5db9beb4b0ba9bc12c083b78ffc6
  13. run on my account maybe 14-20 hours a day since i bought this script. account is maybe a year and a half old though and has 1800+ hours already played. maybe 14-16 kills an hour. gear is maxed mage + augury/ range is god d'hide + bp + anguish + rigour. heard you can get 18/19 kills an hour somehow lol but I havent gotten it yet I guess. I use LG though every time I bot the script so its probly slowing the script down by 1-2 kills an hour on average. add in the death i get every so often thats probly where the 18/19 kills an hour come into play
  14. i agree. only case really might be someone using a tbow with script but i assume that has probly never happened :3
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