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  1. Might as well use crypto by now >.>
  2. Paying 40-85% of face value depending on the amount, negotiable. Can pay in any crypto, ETH, LTC, BCH Can pay in btc if you cover the fees, otherwise fees on me. Discord Stan#4067 or feel free to PM me.
  3. you were right on ETH lmao.
  4. yo im interested, hit me up, we can work something out
  5. looking for more gold?
  6. ill sell you $1/m via BTC
  7. there wouldnt be much of a difference either way lol <3
  8. get venmo, add me on skype live:stansemp1
  9. Selling 07 via venmo only atm Current rate $1/m myskype is live:stansemp1
  10. learn how to code and write your own manager.
  11. I will bet 20m on mayweather, if you accept that I will hold your gold since your TWC or any mod can hold( @YoHoJo). Myskype is live:stansemp1
  12. i accept btc/circlepay/eth, would only be able to sell 50m+
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