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  1. Might as well use crypto by now >.>
  2. Paying 40-85% of face value depending on the amount, negotiable. Can pay in any crypto, ETH, LTC, BCH Can pay in btc if you cover the fees, otherwise fees on me. Discord Stan#4067 or feel free to PM me.
  3. yo im interested, hit me up, we can work something out
  4. looking for more gold?
  5. ill sell you $1/m via BTC
  6. there wouldnt be much of a difference either way lol <3
  7. get venmo, add me on skype live:stansemp1
  8. Selling 07 via venmo only atm Current rate $1/m myskype is live:stansemp1
  9. learn how to code and write your own manager.
  10. I will bet 20m on mayweather, if you accept that I will hold your gold since your TWC or any mod can hold( @YoHoJo). Myskype is live:stansemp1
  11. i accept btc/circlepay/eth, would only be able to sell 50m+
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