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  1. Hi @Zaross, My FailSafe script is keeping track of all necessary data to prevent any flaws to cause the script to go off track. Before it gets off, it will correct itself with pre-programmed values for any situation. This prevents the script from doing random activities which raises suspicion of botting activity, but also will make sure that Xp/Hr will remain consistent if ran for a long period of time. If you need examples or information from this script, let me know. I will be more than happy to inform you of any of these blocks of code.
  2. Hope this being open source helps if you script yourself, and hopefully the script treats your account and experience well! Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, etc. thanks!
  3. Glad this worked out so well for you! I plan to eventually implement anti-ban protocols when I learn a little more about ABC implementation. Thanks for the feedback though! It seriously means a lot!
  4. Added source-code and released on scripts page.
  5. I love how organized and simplistic the GUI is to this. Almost looks like os has an auto-smither built in! Good luck with this!
  6. Download BeyondBows (Scripts Page) Current Version: 1.0 Beyond Bows is a progressive fletching script that will fletch the highest level bow your fletching level will allow. All you have to do is have the logs in your bank, example (Logs, Oak Logs, Willow Logs, Maple Logs) and it will choose which it needs to fletch , and which type of bow (longbow/shortbow) it needs to cut. This will all be done without having to modify and settings or preferences. The script is still currently under development but currently open-source and ready to use. I plan to go further than just progressive fletching with this, as I want to make this a free/open-source all-around fletching script. The script will search for all logs that you are able to fletch relative to your level. If you do not have logs relative to your level, the script will search for any other logs that can be fletched into bows. If no logs are found in the bank, the script will stop as it has no supplies to run off of. If you are starting at less than 5 fletching to fletch shortbows, the script will begin to fletch arrowshafts until you reach level 5. Many fail-safes have been implemented to ensure no EXP will be wasted by a flaw in the script. Suicide botting complete. Level 99 achieved running 24/7 with no macro bans reported. Currently Supporting: Log Types: Logs, Oak Logs, Willow Logs, Maple Logs, Yew Logs, Magic Logs Cut Types: Arrow Shafts, Shortbow (u), Longbow (u) Future Implementation: Cuts: Crossbow Stock, Shield (Add with Selective Mode) Other Stuff: ABC2 Delays and actions, Timed World-Hopping, GUI for selective mode V1.0 Code:
  7. Thank you for this, I have never heard of implementing framework to a script. I will definitely look more into this. @HeyImJamie Thanks for this as well, i didn't know you could do half of this, I should probably look more into the API documentation before writing and larger scripts, Seeing your example, I could have definitely used a lot of this to condense 90% of what I coded. This will definitely simplify and save me a lot of time in the future! @boe123 I appreciate the constructive response. It's nice to see what I was doing good vs what I could have done better. I think all of these responses definitely will help me in the future the more I script. I have messed around with the OutOfBounds check, I made it a little more complicated on myself though in this script comparing the lengths with a random indexed item. This alone will save me a lot of time, Thank you so much for this info. @testing1 Do you have an example of how you would break this into separate classes, or do you mean more if I ever get into larger constructed scripts?
  8. Just trying to get some feedback on ways I could have made my code any different/condenced/maybe even better? I'm new to scripting, and new to java in general, so please give me any feedback, or things I just flat out do wrong? This script essentially removes wine from a banker, mixes it, and re-deposits it while making sure you are not AFK to long and also makes sure that you always have the supplies to continue.
  9. I figured everyone could use more whining in their lives,
  10. Whiner (V1.0) Very light-weight, simple, and quick way to 99 cooking. Fully tested on a new account with suicide testing and reached 99 cooking from 35 within 2 nights. Account still stands with no botting bans. Many fail safes have been added to ensure no issues will occur during the mixing process if you plan to run overnight. Simply start the script near any banker with jugs of water and grapes in your inventory. Please report any issues, bugs, or required fixed and I will jump on it ASAP. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3502
  11. Thank you @Fluffee for your help! Fix: (For anyone else who has this issue, this is the fix)
  12. I was thinking of moving this direction once I saw this issue, it's been one big headache using IDs. I tried to restart the client multiple times, I have swapped to JDK instead of JRE, and vice versa, also took a long shot and restarted my whole system, but it doesn't appear to be changing the ID's back to their standard format.
  13. Hello all, Not sure if it's just me or if this was some sort of update to Runescape/TRiBOT, but I just finished a scirpt last night, and after running it a few hours ago, none of the object IDs are being found. I opened up the Debug tools to double-check all the object ID's I'm using and they are all appearing to be numbers of the following format: Regular Tree: -2100919042 Tunnel Shortcut: 868663442 I tried to use these numbers. This worked for the first run, but after Player teleports away, all these numbers appear to change to something entirely different. Does anyone know whats going on with my client/script? Thanks.
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