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  1. its only air runes lol ,
  2. Lol , curios ? well you could just go to mod marks fc and start saying markdonalds , ORRRR just go throw some abusse at a pmod , ooooorrrrr you can just bot for 20 hours strait and get permaban for macroing , but then risk your ip being flagged , i mean there are many ways but the markdonalds way is quite productive but dont get you ban just a long mute
  3. yea , just doing air runes , will need 100 runs = 100k just from falador east bank to altar south in the forest
  4. Anyone wanna run me pure essence to save me time ill pay 1k per run add skype if interested : sweetlovedzn
  5. probs the mouse data collection task you gotta do , just on the client goto file>mouse data and do the 700 clicks thing
  6. 1 defence , 1 strength and 1 attack , and 99 mining , i won 0gp with that set up
  7. This guy scammed the last person , he changed the persons bank pin , not trusted
  8. Hi there , i would like to work for you , i am not interested about how much will be put on accounts , all id need is 100k for simple supplies like armour , and tele tabs , but i can work with the deadlines , added you on skype
  9. Really , talon blocked me on skype and i thought he took your items , i nevr changed your pin , if nothing was taken then why would i of changed the pin , i never did nothing , it was talon, , i was actually leveling your account up , unlike talon goes and changes pin , i wouldnt waste 4 hours of my time to get reported for scamming.
  10. Right ima explain every little detail clearly. So last night , so zeno purchased 17-60 theiving and 1-60 woodcutting for 5m , he traded me 5m , he gave account details, i go and start training his theiving , takes long time for training theiving when your only getting 24xp per theiv every 6 seconds. so i get tired and my co worker starts moaning saying can you give me my paycheck of 2m first before you give me the account so he offers to start botting firemaking for us , so i pay him the 2m he asked for , then i give him account details to train firemaking , i go on my account and see if keno account is online with my co worker and it is , just sitting in grand exchange with my co workers account also there. i ask my co worker what he is doing not training the account and he says waiting for willows to buy (lies) the account then logs out , i get deleted by him on skype and try and contact - no answer , i go onto keno account to check what hes done , co worker has gone on account taken his items and changed bank pin. i let zeno know , he was fully aware as soon as i found out , so i say sorry , and i offered a refund of what i had left from what i had which was 1.8m , o spent 200k on supplies for my self as i didnt think i was going to get screwed over. i give keno his 1.8m , he is totally happy and said he didnt care about the gold , and said ("shit happens") , he went off and even told me to report the co worker which i did , i did spend 1m on bigboibets as it was my paycheck for the project as i never knew i was gonna get screwed by someone ,
  11. How , he fucked me over and changed it , I cant do shit. he has taken his account , explain to me how i can get my clients bank back open
  12. my co worker helping me powerlevel my clients , fucked me over , he has changed my clents bank pin so the players account is unaccessable practally , https://tribot.org/forums/topic/47189-my-co-worker-scammed-my-client-changed-their-bank-pin/ thats the dispute
  13. Talon1337 was my co worker , today i had a client and he was doing some manual powerlevel for the client , he then changed the bank pin and made a runner , left my clent with nothing as bank is locked , please sort this out , and get my clients bank back open , ban https://tribot.org/forums/user/208332-talon1337/ ban https://tribot.org/forums/user/208332-talon1337/
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