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  1. @Einstein The script doesn't take the artifact at the agility pyramid. After finishing the course it just takes the doorway down. No taking and selling artifacts is done.
  2. same issue. they updated so you have to login with your email or something but even then i get the same error
  3. Hi guys. Hoping someone has a quick fix for this. For some reason when I've opened the client it doesn't display the scripts anymore. Just randomly quit showing them. Steps I've tried taking: - Restarting client - Restarting PC - Reinstalling client - Deleting hooks etc from Nathans executable - Tried to open a 'normal/tribot' client instead of looking glass Everything I do, unfortunately I still don't see the scripts.
  4. Great script. Does what it's supposed to and even looks like a real person is performing the actions. If Naton would have a script for every single aspect of the game I'd be a buyer for all of them. Hands down the best scripts I've used
  5. Probably the best script I've used so far. Great UI. It's hard not to have at least some dislikes about a script, but this one is, in my opinion, flawless. It really sets the bar high for others. But then again I also have Naton's magic script and that one is also fantastic. Shows you which scripter really puts the work in. Thanks for all the level gainz my man
  6. Review: Script does what it's supposed to. Plays games and collects points. Nothing special, but gets the job done. However, I do not recommend using this script if you've already got a 2 day ban or if you're playing on a account you don't want banned. I bet the script is much better though than other variants on the market. I'd consider if you really need to bot pest control and risk it for void. Pros: - Collects the points you would have otherwise had to collect yourself which is time consuming - Great UI: simple and straightforward Cons: - It's very obvious you're botting: tries to hit monsters beyond closed gates (can't reach that 4x), adjusts camera 8x before clicking crossplank, seems to auto know if there's a spinner, doesn't toggle run when you've regained energy
  7. Elleu. I've been banned several times on several different accounts. Want to do it right for a change, maybe just bot 2-3 hours a day 3x a week? But, the question is: can I bot on the official OSRS client with Tribot looking glass? I think that'd be a good one. Couldn't find anything by searching.
  8. Do u also do MM services for accounts? Want to sell an account
  9. Scripts seem to randomly stop doing anything after about 1.5-2 hrs
  10. As the title states I'm looking to buy a minimum of 50 and up to 75mil for 85$/m using Paypal. I'll send it as friends and will pay the fee. The minimum and maximum is set because I'm okay with buying less if you can't supply the full amount. Will only trade with members with good reputation. Willing to go first. Mm can be used on own cost/discretion.
  11. Yeaahhh thanks. I read that after posting. Bought Aagility meanwhile.
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