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  1. Lantadyme

    [B] Orion Pro

    Buying Orion Pro (client for Old School) for RSGP, looking for 3+ months of credit for it.
  2. Stuggling to run the script over 90 minutes, has massive problems when snaring, full inventory, banking and jar swapping. Needs an urgent fix.
  3. [00:35:21] Getting state [00:35:22] Getting state [00:35:24] Getting state [00:35:26] Getting state [00:35:26] imp positions dont match [00:35:28] java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0 [00:35:28] at java.util.ArrayList.rangeCheck(Unknown Source) [00:35:28] at java.util.ArrayList.get(Unknown Source) [00:35:28] at scripts.PuroPuro.H(PuroPuro.java:1827) [00:35:28] at scripts.PuroPuro.run(PuroPuro.java:859) [00:35:28] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [00:35:28] Script Ended: Tri Puro Puro-1Month.
  4. How do i update the script? I bought it a while back and now can't update it without buying the script again.
  5. Running strong, though I have found a rather large bug when doing falconry. It appears that when teleported by a random event, the falcon will disappear too, making the player attempt to catch the kebbits barehanded upon completion of the random. Perhaps you could include in the script a check for whether you still have the falcon equipped, and if not, re-hire it from Matthias. Other than that the script is (so far) flawless, ran 18 hours at birds bug-free. Great job and thank you .
  6. Script is broken, doesn't recognize that the trap needs to be dismantled after being triggered.
  7. Script is very inconsistent, just some of the things I've noticed thus far: Usually misses 2-3 trades before it manages to trade a buyer/seller, no matter what settings I use. Frequently thinks that I've sold all my items and logs out when I still have thousands left to sell. Often runs halfway across the minimap then back to the reset tile over and over. Other times it just shuts itself down, I have no idea why. It is extremely easy to see who is a bot, exact money is put up instantly.. At this stage, I'd say it isn't worth the 8m purchase, but with some tweaking it should turn out to be a good script.
  8. Posts like this make me cringe inside a little. If anyone is desperate for spots I'm currently selling some (don't want to sell too many), so if you want to flick me a PM i'll try respond ASAP.
  9. Yeah its true but every Varrock spawn is packed with bots. Literally one logging into each world every second.
  10. I see so many people posting these proggys of 30+ hours dry . I'm willing to sell some of my spots (keeping the best for myself) so pm me if you're interested. I'm getting a vouch thread going as well.
  11. I can 100% confirm that the script loots Yellow. One of my bots looted a Yellow right before I read your post
  12. Warning to anyone who is selling spots: purp.clouds attempted to scam me over Skype. Managed to get out at the last second though. Highly advise to not trust this user.
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