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  1. drache

    vps question

    im currently running a KVM & SSD Windows VPS (not sure what that really means) 8GB DEDICATED RAM // 4 vCORE // 100GB SSD and everytime i try to run runescape (regular client) or tribot, it seems to lag very noticeably hard. ive tried using google chrome on there to check sites out and stuff like that and that seems to be working fine with the typical latency, but it seems anything i download like regular runescape and tribot makes it seem impossible to run because theres a 10+sec lag delay. not sure if im doing something wrong or if i should get a different vps/dedicated server? edit: i forgot to mention cpu usage remains 30%-40% with/without running any runescape clients but only lags horribly when trying to run runescape.
  2. @JoeDezzy1 bot gets stuck on infinite loop worldhopping. idk what caused it cause i left it running overnight but the bot is basically at edgeville, logs in, logs out and repeats.
  3. @JoeDezzy1 so far so good. my only gripe is the huge humanizing delays. up to 17000+ ms at some points. and something it likes to get stuck at the opposite corner of the coffin before going down the ladder. not sure if thats because of the delay or something seen it sit there for 2+ minutes. so far averaging 250 orbs per hour and around 200k per hour edit: after running it a few hours, only bugs i noticed was that about 3 different times after withdrawing the items from bank, it didnt close bank and didnt proceed to walk. had to manually stop the scrip and restart it to make it walk again, that was rare though. and a few rare times it has trouble webwalking after climbing down the first ladder. like it doesnt load the big orange webwalker map on rare occasions so it doesnt know where to proceed after climbng down the ladder and just stays there indefinitely.
  4. @JoeDezzy1 bot withdraws items from bank but doesnt close bank and doesnt proceed from there. it just stays on the bank screen. i manually closed the bank screen to see if it would proceed, but it doesnt, just says navigating to area but doesnt move. tested with 2 different bots, same result
  5. drache

    (P) Research Paper

    unfortunately im not sure how much somehting lik this costs, thats why i was hoping that people interested would post price theyre looking for so i can get an idea of how much something like this would cost
  6. edit: thanks guys found someone!!! (ignore the rest below) sorry if this isnt allowed here, anyways paying someone, preferably trustable in the community to write me a 5 page (6 with annotated bibliography i think) some details: topic: hacking (from ethical standpoint) 5 page double space 12pt font time new roman etc i think its suppose to be argumentative but i'll double check all the details if someone takes up this offer primary, secondary sources needed due 1 week from now. paying in osgp post price here if interested
  7. still keeps getting stuck at coffin with camera moving up and down. is this happening to anyone else? edit: also keeps getting stuck after it climbs down the latter. it just walks in a triangle
  8. i deleted hooks.dat for the past two night and restarted tribot many times but im still having same issues. bot continues to get stuck at same two tile spots and sometimes at bank also.
  9. @JoeDezzy1 sorry, dont mean to be a downer, but theres a new bug. when the bot finishes withdrawing items from edgeville bank, it will sometimes have camera problem. bot will just stand there while the camera moves up and down in jittery motion. debug says: navigating to air obelisk (or something like that). but bot just stands there happened a few times on more than 1 of my bots edit: bot gets stuck with camera glitch in 2nd pic. happens in that area/spot/tile also if the bot goes outside the wall(indicated by red arrow in 2nd pic) next to the trapdoor, the bot will get stuck there and wont move anymore
  10. @JoeDezzy1 bots keep having cam-spasm attacks(just rapidly moves up and down) when trying to climb down the first trap door. debug just says "angling camera"
  11. Tablet: house Lectern: eagle To Bank: glory To House: tablet Use Friend's House: yes Servant: no Issue(s) Experienced: 2 bots so far have walked off to cannifs(?) dungeon after 8.6 update. even the host itself walked all the way to caniffs dungeon but that was for ver 8.5, havent seen it replicated yet on 8.6 for the host. Picture: sorry vps doesnt allow me to screenshot for some reason. could take pics from my phone but theyre blurry and its basically the same pics ppl here have posted.
  12. @Usa bots seem to break after the update Tablet: house tablet Lectern: eagle To Bank: glory To House: tablet Use Friend's House: yes (host) Servant: no Issue(s) Experienced: (Information) all non-host bots cant exit their own POH and just always walks to the very far corner in the middle of nowhere. or for some reason the bots will walk aaalllll the way to the bottom of some dungeon all at the exact same spot Picture: (Image) will try to provide pictures later
  13. sorry if its in wrong section. this is what i get when i log in to tribot. not sure what it means cause ive never gotten that message before [22:28:44] java.io.FileNotFoundException: /root/jagexcache/oldschool/LIVE/main_file_cache.dat2 (No such file or directory) [22:28:44] at java.io.RandomAccessFile.open0(Native Method) [22:28:44] at java.io.RandomAccessFile.open(RandomAccessFile.java:316) [22:28:44] at java.io.RandomAccessFile.<init>(RandomAccessFile.java:243) [22:28:44] at obf.XE.<init>(le:198) [22:28:44] at obf.XE.<init>(le:108) [22:28:44] at obf.XE.<init>(le:59) [22:28:44] at obf.gg.l(ei:59) [22:28:44] at obf.gg.l(ei:195) [22:28:44] at obf.gg.l(ei:95) [22:28:44] at obf.wK.run(my:572) [22:28:44] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [22:28:44] Cache loader not ready: /root/jagexcache/oldschool/LIVE
  14. Tablet: house tablets Lectern: eagle To Bank: glory rub to edge To House: tanlet Use Friend's House: yes Servant: no Issue(s) Experienced: after bot banks and withdraws clay, status says "withdrew clay" but doesnt proceed to next step ------> closing bank ------> teleporting to house. even if i manually move the bots it still doesnt proceed to closing bank. i have to manually break a house tab in order to get the bot to go to next step. Picture: sorry for potato pic, vps doesnt let me take screenshot from pc http://imgur.com/SVfzoMS not sure how to recreate this bug cause it randomly happens at times and it doesnt say anything on the client thingy. @Usa if you have time to take a look
  15. @Usa *only* 280k/hr!? thats pebbles to this in all seriousness though, the price for the b2p tab isnt getting the right amount
  16. @Usa having same problems. i noticed that if the bot doesnt successfully interact the first time it calls the butler over. then it will start walking around all over click the run energy at top then clicking the run energy at the bottom. http://imgur.com/GUm6cjQ also, i remember before i used to be able to type in the name of friends house when setting up the whole thing. and now i cant type in name even when i have the box checked "use friends house"??
  17. it doesnt let me type in the friends house even after i have the box checked
  18. @Usa ok its working now. my bad, i just assumed i would have been able to do it if i had the required runes without equipping a staff
  19. @Usa can you help me i cant seem to figure out what im doing wrong [19:13:28] Script Started: USA Tab Maker. [19:13:56] Mouse speed set to: 105 [19:13:56] Required items for Teleport to house: [19:13:56] > Law rune (1) [19:13:56] > Earth rune (1) [19:13:56] > Air rune (1) [19:13:56] > Soft clay (1) [19:13:56] > Soft clay (1) [19:13:56] We are using a null. [19:13:56] java.lang.NullPointerException [19:13:56] at scripts.UsaTabMakerV2.j(UsaTabMakerV2.java:1327) [19:13:56] at scripts.UsaTabMakerV2.run(UsaTabMakerV2.java:224) [19:13:56] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [19:13:56] ------------------------------ [19:13:56] Thank you for using USA Tab Maker v6.6! [19:13:56] Time: 00:00:00 [19:13:56] We made 0 Teleport to house tablets. [19:13:56] Total profit: 0 [19:13:56] ------------------------------ [19:13:56] Script Ended: USA Tab Maker. i have all the items required on inventory. and i did the first 25 tabs manually to make sure. http://imgur.com/4Ic0RAz
  20. yeah glories always have charge after you die because it swaps out uncharged glories before it does the orb run. so you will always have a charge on it if you die somewhere in the middle of it. also would it be possible to exclude the skill worlds when world hopping? 353,361, 366, 373
  21. when i die the bot goes up the lumbridge stair and gets stuck on 2nd floor next to the stairs on infinite loop. happens about 50% of deaths. would it be possibe to re equip glory and tele to edge and bank from there rather than using lumbridge bank after death? bots should have glories after death since they dont skull.
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