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  1. Constant "Definition is null" error. Says to restart tribot and/or clear jagex cache. Done that multiple times. Can you look into it? theres no other debug
  2. Is there any way to speed up reaction time of the script? When the brazier breaks, the bot never clicks it in time. May be due to the slow speed of my laptop, but I wasn't certain so I figured I'd ask. Also, is there any way to have it heal pyromancers as well? Looking to do some solo wintertodt for better loot/construction experience while still getting decent firemaking.
  3. Having a slight issue where it's not banking trout at tree gnome stronghold. Literally just spams the spot a few times and then sits there until log out. EDIT: caught the banhammer. Pretty sure this script got me banned after I tried using it at tree gnome stronghold and the bot got stuck on nothing when it should've banked. Log in bot repeatedly is usually a clear indication of a botter.
  4. Great script, update works like a charm now. I didn't notice my character constantly getting stuck and tele'ing to lumbridge for no reason. Accidentally left it running for like 14 hours overnight and no issues i could see. 70 agility and graceful achieved without canifis
  5. Any chance we get a paint toggle? trying to chat in cc while botting but can't see the chat lol
  6. Same error at seer's,. @Einstein Can you fix it?
  7. @Einstein Script worked great at Gnome course and draynor. Ran into the same issue several times with varrock. And it gets real bot like everytime it doesn't move for a few minutes or so, it teleports to lumbridge and runs to varrock. It continued this cycle a few times over an 8 hour period and when i paused the script to manually fix it, it still tried to teleport to Lumby. Here's the error log: A problem has been detected and Relative Agility has teleported to Lumbridge in an attempt to get the player un-stuck. PLAYER_DID_NOT_MOVE_FOR_SEVERAL_MINUTES Map position: (3193, 3398, 3) Course: [email protected] Obstacle: Gap SCRIPT STACK TRACE: java.lang.Thread.getStackTrace(Thread.java:1559) obf.kD.getScriptStackTrace(an:772) scripts.relativeagility.p.p.J(StuckFailsafe.java:71) scripts.relativeagility.RelativeAgility.H(RelativeAgility.java:78) scripts.relativeagility.RelativeAgility.run(RelativeAgility.java:45) java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) Please send this error log to Einstein. EDIT: Also getting the same error log in falador rooftop.
  8. Bears are a little buggy. It walked there andworked fine for a little bit but when it ran out of bears on minimap, it got stuck and stopped. didn't walk to find more in the wooded area.
  9. buying twitch prime from gyrater
  10. Wow. Script is actually sick already. Super fast. Finished the quests in under 2 hours
  11. I'm doing these quests for the first time today. But i heard they're a pain in the dick. Wish this script was ready to go. but good luck , can't wait to see the finished project.
  12. how long does it take to expire? I used a premium rc script for less than 45 minutes before it was banned. i had botted other skills before but no bans or anything until i was rc'ing lavas.
  13. So i made it to 1300 total and 94 CB without a ban. Started RC and caught a 2 day temp for bot busting moderate. Anyone get one and continue botting successfully? or will it result in a perm ban super fast?
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