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  1. Hey guys, just came back to TRiBot after some time. I've notices there has been no updates since July 2016? is TRiBot unsupported/not updated anymore by Trilez? I just bought VIP-E which is a shame if it isn't updated anymore as even the best clients need updates. Please some insight would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Have many of you guys had good success with autoclicking? i really cant be bothered sitting there for 10hours alching to get my mage up. Have you guys been banned from it? I've read a lot about people seeming to get away with it. Should i use a bad autoclicker or a more human like one? any ideas? what do you guys use? and where GE? A random deserted place?
  3. Bot non-hot spots, It only makes sense that if its barely or not botted jagex ain't going to hit it with bans unless you get reported lots. I've botted places where no-one is and i've never had a ban unless the script is terrible and screams bot to the bot detection system, other then that I think they rely on people to report bots or they do manual bans.
  4. I cant seem to see a "bury a bone" tab? is there such a thing or is it in the premium?
  5. I know Tribot is more focused on OSRS, but is there any thoughts on wether or not they will make it compatible with Darkscape? it's basically RS3 but with a few changes? Darkscape being new would be highly profitable for goldfarmers if it did become bottable on this wonderful client.
  6. It's a fair call, but the fact I wouldn't like my bots to be reported or be the cause of a ban from another fellow botter. Being in a community of botters I feel I would be backstabbing them or the maker of the botting client? Still I see your points I just have some moral sympathy for other botters as they may have invested time and money in that account you are now putting in danger.
  7. It's more like a item gatherer haha
  8. cows? hill giants? heavily botted though, maybe minotors and pickup arrows for cash in stronghold secuity.
  9. Request: - Pretty easy script idea, done before countless times Description: - obtain item and bank Payment Amount: - How much are you paying? I would like a quote Payment Type: - In what ways can you pay? paypal Time: - How soon does this need to be completed? when you have time
  10. @erickho123 the bot seems to be getting stuck on equiping the sword and shield, it's sitting in the equipment stats interface but doesn't equip the shield or sword.
  11. I expect a working paid script, It was only updated the other day and runescape hasnt had any major updates which would stop this script functioning.
  12. i tried visiting DaxBlastfurnace forum post from respository and cant seem to, must be a few issues following the SQL crash.
  13. sorry man i may be unclear i mean for it to refill to full randomly when it has x left and yes it decays after 25minutes but can be avoided if you pick up and rebuild it again, probably a feature i would also like hahaha
  14. hi guys, all i want is a simple script to load the dwarf cannon but i would like it to be loaded at a random time, loading when it has 0-30 cannon balls left or something like that as a bit of an anti ban. if there is already a script for this could you please link me to it as i failed to find it. Also for it to be able to pick up and put down the cannon every 20-25 minutes or so, if this is too hard of a request please tell me as i have no experience in scripting
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