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  1. Make Tribot great again! that was funny
  2. Nmz ban rate with lg is super low if you know what your doing mostly
  3. What is the status of this project? I thought this was already implemented as it says it loads human mouse movements when i load my scripts. Do I need to submit data to actually get use from it? I am VIP - E
  4. Try restarting the client. Fixes this problem for me.
  5. I got 2 day ban out of no where today as well and not sure if I should keep my accounts going. I botted 6months continuously and didn't get banned at all. with good anti ban methods and stuff ofcourse
  6. Are you going to move forward or just trash the 2 day bans and make new accounts?
  7. Im setting script up now, planning on using LG. is that the way to go?
  8. My point is tomorrow is a work day and the world moves more. Do you go outside?
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