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  1. Wait I just realized this script does not support the blast furnace? RIP bought the wrong script. Could you correct my mistake and switch it to your blast furnace script?
  2. I moved it to the same angle you just showed and it clicked on the bank. Great! I guess from the angle I originally showed it did not click on the bank. But whats great about the first view I showed is it can click on the anvil too without moving the screen.
  3. Something i've noticed right away is the bot using the minimap to bank. The bank stall can be seen at varrock and it would make much more sense to click directly on the bank, instead of randomly clicking inside the bank then waiting for it to be in the bank. Then clicking on the bank. Also from the bank view the bot could also click directly on the anvil and not even worry about closing the bank. It would be more fluid and human like to click directly on the bank stall and directly on the anvil.
  4. If smithing cannon balls or dart tips does the script go 'afk'? Most players click completely away from the screen and have Runelite idle notification pop up once finished smithing to run back to the bank Edit: Answered my own Question. Purchased script!
  5. Why does the mouse drift off the screen like its about to be AFK, but then shoot super fast into the middle of the screen?
  6. Bot tries to switch targets after drinking a potion or eating. This causes the bot to click on all the NPC's around it before finally clicking on the actually NPC that is attacking the bot. Also the bot for whatever reason does not want to loot my ammo (Diamond bolts (e).) I've put it into the loot list and it still will not loot it's own bolts. It is not banking when it runs out prayer potions. Causing the bot to run out of prayer and die without overhead prayers on.
  7. Can you make a quick edit to know the bot needs 3 invo spots rather than 2 for plank making? Also could you make the bot use the hot keys like escape key to close the bank, rather than moving the mouse to the top right corner to click the 'X'. Patiently waiting for the fix ???
  8. When using the Plank Make spell the bot wants to withdraw 26 logs and will spam click 26. The problem is there is only 25 spots available. 2 for the runes and 1 for the coins that are needed. Screen Recording 2019-03-05 at 9.10.29 AM (1).mov EDIT: Bought a rune pouch so now I only need two invo spots. And now it works. EDIT EDIT: NOPE deposits the rune pouch. Does not support rune pouch. So Plank making is not working until this is fixed. Either support the rune pouch or fix it to know it needs 3 invo spots for runes and coins.
  9. Hey godspower, I want to first make it clear that my intent is not to slander your script. I set up the GUI correctly as far as I am concerned and I have seen the bot run for 40 minutes pretty well. When teleporting from a pker (when under attack) with the 'Ring of wealth' it arrives at the GE and rather than putting on the 'Ring of Dueling' it tries to run north from the GE. It doesn't do it every time, but it does it enough to make it unusable. Also the screenshot above deals with the ring of wealth. From my short experience it seems that the bot doesn't handle using the ring of wealth that well.
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