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  1. Title says it all. Any ETA on when looking glass will be working again? And while im at it. Any support for java 11 or runelite?
  2. If you are brute forcing the pixels you should probably look at using a CNN to take advantage of spatial coherence. I agree the better route would be setting up an environment using the tribot API and linking that to a network and it can simple output the actions that can be taken. You may also want to use a DDQN instead of Q learning. If you use the tribot api to build the environment the state space will be large. For training such a network I think a first try might be recording your gameplay and having it use that as training data to get it a start in making the right choices. N
  3. My review of the script: Awful Combat methods are very slow. I just stood outside of the GE for 3 hours doing nothing but clicking the same tile.
  4. what if you only bot 2-4 hours a day baby sitting?
  5. ill write you a script for this business.
  6. I will make a special script for this. just need an account that can get there.
  7. i made one. works very well.
  8. there are a ton of users with that same name. Mine is brokenpb
  9. I will write this. Don't have an account that can do it though.
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