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  1. @EncodedHey mate, Bought the 1 month but only used it for a day before i was 2 day banned, any chance of some sort of refund? its now no use to me. Cheers
  2. Sadly got a 2 day after only using for 15ish hours. Would there be a chance of a refund @Encoded
  3. i feel so stupid haha iv bought this 4 (monthly) times i should have just bought life time =( now i want it again zzz
  4. Anyone used this at shilo underground with any luck? wanting to grind out a ton of gems for trading sticks but just woundering if anyone has had it going before i buy prem again. cheers.
  5. Also pissed off myself, I cant buy VIP or Any scripts and none of the payment methods are working for me, on both my cards and even tried on different pc's at different locations and everyone said it was something to do with my IP been blocked? So now my vip is wasting away and i have no scripts to use. awesome guys +1
  6. Is this since the site/bot went down?
  7. can you confirm it works before i got into trying even more ways? because iv seen two posts where people have said they didnt get the credits from there btc payment.
  8. Okay well i found the sneaky way to pay with paypal but i am now getting the same problem?!? even tho my account is verified still comes up saying cant be done, has anyone been able to buy them since the bot broke???
  9. How does one use paypal? only options i have is stripe or alipay. both are not working. and i cant use that bitcon payment system in New Zealand. so without buying rsgp then swapping for credits? in turn making 16 credits $21 and i have a 5 credit transfer limit?
  10. Please give me an option other than RSGP, The bitcoin site i signed up and it says it doesn't work in my country. Alipay is down or something, and stripe has flagged new cards that i have never used before? hmmm cool
  11. Is someone going to comment on this? Signed up for Alipay and that is not working also says its down? Leaving me no option and the rest of my VIP-E go to waste as i needed to buy the script again... wtf is this.
  12. okay well i tried my dads card, and same problem? maybe something to do with our banks, im from NZ if that helps?
  13. Im pretty sure it has nothing to do with tribot but yea im pretty pissed spent a bit already and now i have to go the long way around?
  14. so now to buy 16 credits its going to cost me $21 =(
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