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  1. What do you use for your break handler? I want some suggestion i just switched to Tribot. If i want to bot for 8-11Hours with few break Runtime: 9:10:37 Randomness: 2:32:40 Duration: Im not to sure with this one is it Break? or ... Randomness: ... Occurrence: Once / Repeat?
  2. Yes ill remove it to avoid any problem for the moment
  3. Any1 have some issue with bank pin? He always miss the 9*** he got the 3 next number right but not the 9
  4. Hey i need those quest Black Knights forteress Demon SlayerErnest the chickenGoblin DiplomacyThe knights SwordPirates ali rescueRomeo n julietSheep ShearerShield Of ArravVampire SlayerWitchs potion Fresh account 44att 30str 15hp
  5. xduch

    Thanks Jagex

    Main - Mother load total 10hours and got banned Iron - Mother load got 70-86 doing it ~13hours a day , but i got banned after getting 65-70wc Yew Seers I also got a fisher that i bot 10hours+ a day in fishing guild no problem no ban nothing 1-91Fishing so far. But as for now i wont never bot in my ironman again since i dont have any main =/
  6. xduch

    Thanks Jagex

    What does it do? (Sorry for my english, im french) im a go read about it.
  7. xduch

    Thanks Jagex

    1 week ago my main got banned after only 2x 5hours botting .But today it was my iron man with 178qp and pretty decent stats like 86mining and lot of ores:P but jagex gave me a chance only 2 days ban 19-Jan-2016 15:01 Our macro detection system has been monitoring your account closely and has detected that you are using illegal 3rd party software which violates the rules of the game and breaches your terms of service with Jagex. Our team have reviewed the evidence and can confirm that you were using illegal botting software. Should you continue to use cheating software we will permanently ban your account with no chance of appeal. Jagex are able to accurately detect all illegal 3rd party software and any promises from their makers about being "totally undetectable" or "no ban guaranteed" are inaccurate. We are always 100% certain before taking permanent action on an account A temporary ban has been placed on your account meaning you will be unable to access the game for the next 48 hours. This is not an appealable offence and we will not review it should you contact us by email, ticket or social media. Please take this time to familiarise yourself with the rules as we would like to see you back in game and part of the community. Regards, Jagex
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