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  1. It goes slowly, I'm still focused on getting a proper understanding of java so I decided to sign up for a udemy course that Jerminator linked to in his post above. By the end of this month though I'm going to dive in and try making some simple script. I tend to get too caught up in the nitty-gritty details instead of experimenting (which is why I'm still stuck learning java haha). We can definitely try doing this together if you like thought currently I have less knowledge about tribot's api than you. Reach out to me on discord since I'm online there more often.
  2. rspeer's public scripts (from what I've heard) are of questionable quality. I've used naton's scripts the most so I can only vouch for those. Try one (nbf might be the easiest) and maybe you'll have a bit of better luck? Also, change the script settings around (i.e. mouse speed), that tends to help instead of using the default settings.
  3. if it's not the proxy you're using it could be the script you're using, the settings you're using on that script (if many other people vouch for the quality of the script), or it could be you're botting a highly watched skill and got unlucky. I assume you're using a residential IP then? Hardware bans are very hard to come by if they even exist. It's more likely something from the other possibilities I listed or your own home ip is flagged.
  4. appreciate the input! I'll try to stay objective and get through it. The first two tips I'm glad you reminded me of because it's easy to forget coding a script can be done in multiple ways, all equally decent, and reading code is pretty difficult, even when you wrote it yourself.
  5. What Yohojo said. Here's the link to the recommended version (8u181): https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/java-archive-javase8-2177648.html
  6. Thanks for the clarification, I misunderstood/misread that and thought he wanted to make such a progressive script and then solve a potential bug that might occur with such a script
  7. I can't comment on the scripting aspect but this little bit about running a processing script seems odd. The only reason I can think of you wanting to do this is if you're on one of the two ends on the gold farming spectrum. Either you've got very little gold to work with and buy all the supplies you need for the most profitable step in that process of yours, or you're producing so much supply of raw materials that selling it would crash the price. If the first scenario applies to you (broke as hell), all this effort into producing a system of that complexity seems like you're trying to j
  8. I had your intro bookmarked as soon as I started looking into java haha, thanks for taking the time to write it out. The videos are my first step since I'm using them practically and following along with the methods/classes the youtuber makes so I know how things are used together, after that I'll get down to reading yours and other people's written guides while I try to piece together the puzzle that is actual scripting. Thanks for the general tips as well, I'll keep a filter up and develop some thicker skin
  9. I'm coming for all of you, including you and your Progressive crafter that never gets updated
  10. A few other scripters pointed me in that direction as well. I'll alternate between looking at the open source scripts and the API and see how each method and class is utilized
  11. This is my attempt at introducing myself to the scripting community A few months ago I was looking for a specific script but couldn't find a public/premium version of it. Instead of thinking about asking a premium scripter to make a private version for me, I jumped at the idea of making my own thinking "how hard could it be?". So I started learning java off youtube and I've made the small achievement of not giving up even though I have no computer science background. Currently, I'm on video # 36 out of an 87 video tutorial on Java and if I survive the next 49 videos, I'll finally st
  12. Xivia's Woodcutter/Miner/NMZ/Cooker/Agility next plz. Thanks
  13. Learning Java right now so that I can someday do the same thing Good luck
  14. Slayerpower33 Keep it alive and well fed and one day it will take care of you as well
  15. in before you get a rwt ban haha. Enjoy the profits and keep me posted if you ever do make some sort of guide
  16. Correlation is not causation; not defending the fact that it inputs auto-relog but the more you bot/test scripts, the more you realize how hard it is to find out what jagex does watcha and doesn't watch. Accounts that should be banned live and accounts that should live are banned (possibly on purpose to keep botters from finding patterns in jagex's bot detection system.) There's a lot that goes into this so be prepared for many many bans if you want to continue botting
  17. the new account idea was only if you've got a botting addiction haha. No need if you're satisfied.
  18. No! Maybe it's just hindsight speaking (I miss my 1600 main ) but don't bot anymore on it It's already an amazing account good enough to enjoy end game shit with and look cool Start from scratch, see if you can pull it off twice and if so, hook a fellow botter up with a guide
  19. I always advise testing new scripts out on throwaways but that is significantly harder with zulrah; The simple things I can think of off the top of my head is bot only on a residential ip/proxy, not during jagex hours, mess around with the settings and really try to make it unique.
  20. a side note to keep in mind, you should consider figuring out how to minimize your risk of a ban on that bot before jumping on with your main (multiple bans come in daily for botters there since its a goldfarming method.
  21. progressive. I did gold with gold smith gaunts up until addy bars i think because at the time mith wasn't very profitable and you only lose approx 3m doing gold up to addy from lvl 30. After addy it was whatever was most profitable between that and rune. I'm currently taking a small break from the max main project but you and I gotta talk eventually about how you got all them levels Gl!
  22. probably best to retry on a throwaway incase things have changed.
  23. Hot damn that's impressive, I don't remember if I've asked this before but did you do all of that using tribot premium scripts? And if you ever think about making a guide, I'll definitely want a look
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