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  1. Fill out a bug report on the script's forumthread.
  2. Hello everybody, I made a script that will make any TRiBot script work together with Farmaton, the most advanced farm manager. When running this script it will pretend to stop, but actually keep running in the background. It will then start the next script on it's own. If you have questions or things you would like to be added you can contact me in this discord: https://discord.gg/kj5Ee6M The arguments explained script:SCRIPT_NAME (replace SCRIPT_NAME with the next script you want to run) args:SCRIPT_ARGUMENTS (replace SCRIPT_ARGUMENTS with the arguments for the next script you want to run. If your script doesn't require arguments you can leave this out) email:{email} (you don't need to change this. Farmaton will provide it with the email of the account you want to use) pass:{password} (same as above, no need to change this) min (if you include this argument the client will minimize when the script starts. This helps a lot to reduce cpu usage) restocker (this won't start a next script but only run the tracker in the background) Example use: script:WoodCutter420,args:oaks,email:{email},pass:{password},min How will this help me? With the combination of this tracker and Farmaton you can use any TRiBot script while enjoying features like: Automated replacement of banned accounts Automated unlocking of locked accounts Automated proxy management so your account will only ever use 1 ip/proxy Automated account creation (during the beta more than 100.000 accounts have been created) Automated restarting of clients on Runescape updates Keeping track of stats of accounts Run your clients on a schedule And much more Get the script here: https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/3640
  3. Had to laugh about the dependancies joke I guess that will also be fixed in tribot x?
  4. botuser420

    ELON FireMaker

    Congratz on release Maybe add a link to the source?
  5. your main will most likely be fine, but no guarantees
  6. Thanks for the quick reply
  7. [15:17:25] Script Started: |w| World Ping Finder. [15:19:00] w:33: 173ms [15:19:00] w:36: 173ms [15:19:00] w:75: 173ms [15:19:00] w:65: 160ms [15:19:00] w:2: 160ms [15:19:00] w:164: 160ms [15:19:00] w:44: 160ms [15:19:00] w:205: 160ms [15:19:00] w:220: 160ms [15:19:00] w:3: 159ms [15:19:00] w:11: 159ms [15:19:00] w:43: 159ms [15:19:00] w:206: 159ms [15:19:00] w:60: 159ms [15:19:00] w:218: 155ms [15:19:02] Script Ended: |w| World Ping Finder. which world would 218 be? My guess is 1 would be 301, 101 would be 401 and 201 would be 501? So 218 would be 518?
  8. Thank you. This is really useful.
  9. How much is "large amounts" ? If it's under 500m/trade it's probably fine on an older account
  10. Try using the separate thread to monitor inconsistencies and the main one to run the script. It should work.
  11. Solid script. Ran it from lvl 1 to 50 without any problems. //edit I spoke a bit too soon. After reaching lvl 50 it built the room for the butler. Then when trying to walk to the butler house I got this error: [16:18:15] WALKING_TO_BUTLER_HOUSE [16:18:18] WebWalker: Turning camera towards destination. [16:18:18] java.lang.IllegalThreadStateException [16:18:18] at java.lang.Thread.start(Thread.java:708) [16:18:18] at scripts.Utilities.yh.K(ACamera.java:94) [16:18:18] at scripts.Utilities.yh.K(ACamera.java:115) [16:18:18] at scripts.Utilities.fh.A(EzCamera.java:171) [16:18:18] at scripts.Utilities.fh.K(EzCamera.java:159) [16:18:18] at scripts.Utilities.fh.E(EzCamera.java:54) [16:18:18] at scripts.ezfarm.y.A(Universal.java:158) [16:18:18] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.l.A(WalkerEngine.java:303) [16:18:18] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.d.A(WalkerEngine.java:168) [16:18:18] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.p.A(WaitFor.java:60) [16:18:18] at scripts.dax_api.walker_engine.d.A(WalkerEngine.java:167) [16:18:18] at scripts.dax_api.api_lib.o.A(DaxWalker.java:61) [16:18:18] at scripts.dax_api.api_lib.o.A(DaxWalker.java:49) [16:18:18] at scripts.ezplankermaker.ea.A(EzPlankerMaker.java:841) [16:18:18] at scripts.EzConstruction.E(EzConstruction.java:1669) [16:18:18] at scripts.EzConstruction.M(EzConstruction.java:969) [16:18:18] at scripts.EzConstruction.K(EzConstruction.java:1155) [16:18:18] at scripts.EzConstruction.A(EzConstruction.java:1555) [16:18:18] at scripts.EzConstruction.handleState(EzConstruction.java:63) [16:18:18] at org.tribot.script.EnumScript.run(co:178) [16:18:18] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) [16:18:22] Script Ended: EzConstruction.
  12. Which script are you using?
  13. Try turning your ingame sounds off. This is known to cause a memory leak.
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