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  1. Breaker


    Congrats on the release
  2. No You can reach me on discord: Breaker#4904
  3. You should check out the discord (https://discord.gg/EBtMfRHgNC). People don't really use the forum anymore. Last client update was 2 days ago, definitely not a downhill trend
  4. Are you using mac? If you're also on discord please send me a message there: Breaker#4904 . I don't often check the forum.
  5. Currently it's partially supported. It will take the required runes, but won't recharge it. Fixed now What did you set it to repot prayer at? I never had issues with the default setting. Were you using LG?
  6. As the title says; Make Bank#isOpen also return true for the bank equipment screen. BankEquipment#Close will make it switch back to the banking screen instead of closing the bank. Imo this is not logical and it should close the screen instead of switching.
  7. Completes the easter event. Start the script somewhat close to al-kharid (my walker is missing a lot of teleports). Sito ran it and told me the script is working as intended so you know it's flawless. If not let me know https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/4013
  8. You can use the PreBreakStart Listener to delay the break till the game is finished (haven't used this with the sdk yet, but worked great with the old api)
  9. It's certainly possible. Would you still bank at ferox enclave, then go to poh, restore stats, and use a portal to go to barrows? We talked. I've been working on adding it That seems really unlucky. There was a big banwave recently that lines up with the timing of you account being banned. My testaccount that i've been running a couple hours a day for the past week survived though. Sorry about your loss. I'll make you a deal. If I don't add it before your auth expires you'll get a free auth when I add it in the (near) future
  10. Glad you already figured it out on your own
  11. Currently not. It's on the list to add though, probably soon. @ChemistryThank you so much for your feedback. I already addressed some of it. - I don't have access to an account with morytania legs so I'm relying on your feedback. Please let me know where it got stuck. - I figured out why it sometimes wouldn't pick up a message that it's time to recharge. I've added some things to help make it more reliable. - Potion drinking should be less "spammy". I thought you could drink a potion every tick, this turned out to be every 3 ticks. - Getting killcount in the tunnels go
  12. To run 2 clients at the same time you'll need to buy the script twice. It's not linked to an account though, you could first bot one, then the other account.
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