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  1. Imo it's fine. Fill suggests taking up all inventory slots, not withdrawing all.
  2. My bad, I fixed the link.
  3. 1. I'm unable to replicate this. Could you send me a gif and debug? 4. The killcount reward percentage you set is the maximum it will get. It will attack back npcs in the tunnels if killing them doesn't give you a reward potential over the one you set as max. Usually it gets pretty close to the value you set but if you have a short route in the tunnels it's possible it will open the chest with a lower one. Sorry, still have to look into this and I will soon. Maybe I already spoke to you on discord. I pushed a fix so that the gui will now also appear on linux.
  4. Is this supposed to be fixed? After the update I encountered this: It checks the tile for isClickable and isRendered.
  5. Just pushed an update and switching between bank and equipmenttab should be fixed. I've never seen a charges check get stuck but admittedly I haven't done much testing with blowpipe. I'll see if I can reproduce it. Can you send me your profile located in .tribot/breakerscripts/barrows ? 1. Does it do this every chest? Do you still have to kill the last brother and he doesn't spawn when opening the chest? 2. I'll test the divine potions. 3. It will prioritise prayer and food over equipping the right gear. I don't think there's an issue with this but if yo
  6. You probably have a magic shortbow selected as your special attack weapon. You can find this under the brothers tab. It will bank every trip, unless you didn't use up any potions and food. Then it will just go through the portal and skip the banking.
  7. If you even have jamie's yes you'll also get mine. I think the 1 month support on your scripts is a good rule to not allow randoms to suddenly get scripter. I have faith you won't ghost us though.
  8. Breaker


    But what if I like it dirty?
  9. From me it's a yes. You provided 3 scripts, all with a GUI. They are all a useful addition to the tribot community scripts. It's still unclear to me what level of complexity is required but in my opinion this should be sufficient. As already pointed out the code can still be improved but it's all minor stuff (after looking a bit more it seems to be a lot of little stuff though...). You seem to have a basic understanding of java. I think the idea is anybody who can write decent code and offers 3 open source script to the community gets the scripter rank. There's a stricter selection for premiu
  10. Breaker

    Gem Crafter

    Nice work! I smell an approaching scripter application.
  11. It won't ignore killcount gear ever. Set it to the gear you want to get killcount with. There is no perfect gear set, do you own research. You're probably using an old profile you need to update. I added a slider to configure when to drink prayer. If your profile doesn't have that it's set to 0. And if you didn't configure prayer you probably also need to set when to eat food, restock amount of teleports (all under supplies tab) and reward potential % (under the brothers tab) Can you send me a gif and debug of it trying to attack while under attack? It should only attack back.
  12. Oops, I didn't follow this thread so I missed your message. Script is updated and should work again. I've also added a leaderboard: https://breakerscripts.com/construction
  13. Are you talking about prayer potions? If so you'll need to tick the checkbox Re-Pot Prayer for that specific brother. Otherwise it will only use prayer if it has points left. The other potions get drank based on how much of a boost you have left.
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