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  1. This bug has been fixed. Script should be running smooth
  2. Hi, This is Barrow by Breaker. There are still a few things missing but is capable of doing barrows runs. Please report everything that's broken here. Also let me know any suggestions of things to improve or add. Things missing that will be added soon (I'm probably forgetting some) - Amount of teleports to restock - Let me know Delete all old profile files int .tribot/breakerscripts/barrows before running this Get it here: https://repo.tribot.org/script/id/3848
  3. Prayer.enable(Prayer.PRAYERS.AUGURY) will always wait for it to be enabled after clicking with a timeout of 4 seconds. Occasionally when a script tries to do too many things in a tick (this is my guess of the why) the prayer won't enable even though it gets clicked. After this happens the script you try to make as fast as possible sits around waiting for 4 seconds. That's why I would like the sleeping till the prayer is activated to be optional. The word optional is poorly chosen but I couldn't think of something better.
  4. As title says, I would like a world=f2p argument to be added to the CLI launcher.
  5. Breaker


    Very cool concept. I'll be watching how this develops. Nice job
  6. Welcome back fluffee! Really happy with this news
  7. Mahogany tables got added Remove last.json if they don't show up for you
  8. As far as I'm aware you only get kudos for cleaning finds but my game knowledge isn't great. If you've completed the quest digsite the script will start cleaning finds untill all kudos are rewarded
  9. Congratz on release! Keep em coming
  10. I've tried replicating this but the plank calculation seems to always work correctly for me. One thing that doesn't work for sure is buying the regular planks. This is because of a bug in the tribot ge api. So I'm not sure how it could have gotten past the plank buying part without manual intervention. It only withdraws 100k before it teleports to the house, when it's there there is no minimum amount (should probably implement that since it can lead to issues when people build lots of rooms or go for a really high construction level in one go). I fixed this. This was the one
  11. I'm pretty sure I also encountered it during the draynor agility course but can't replicate it now of course
  12. Open source scripts available to the public: https://github.com/botuser420/construction https://github.com/botuser420/thieving https://github.com/botuser420/kudos This one isn't open source but just to prove my excellent track record of maintaining scripts. It broke with the release of tribot 12 and never got fixed because farmaton didn't support tri12 There might be a class missing here or there. The source I provided contains almost everything and should give you a good enough idea about my code but if the goal is to be able to copy and compi
  13. Here it is, Thieving by Breaker. Instructions Start the script anywhere in the world. Make sure to have at least one free inventory slot. More free slots might increase xp/h, I'm not sure. Currently supported methods Tea stall Cake stall Silk stall Fruit stall (requires 15% hosidius favour) More methods like pickpocketing might be added in the future if wanted. GUI For now you can only select the level to train to and methods to use. In the future more things will be added. >> Click here to activate the Script <<
  14. I didn't notice it with my construction script. I think the 3 chairs all have a different id. I did however notice it at the draynor agility course. 2 obstacles have the same id and it would have the same behavior where it would first hover one, then click the other.
  15. TRiBot Version: 0.1.2 Description of the bug (be specific): When calling .click on a single object while there's an identical object visible it might first hover the wrong object. It seems to always click the correct object. There's also a small chance it goes wrong when finding the object but I have never seen it click the wrong object. How to reproduce the bug: This is my code. adjusting the camera doesn't affect it, but for the bug to occur the identical object has to be visible. else if (stallObject.isPresent()) { if (stallObject.get().isClickable()) {
  16. If you have the required construction level it will.
  17. I have a script with a gui that uses fontawesome icons. It all works fine locally but when running it from the repo i get the following: [13:14:02] apr. 09, 2021 1:14:02 P.M. javafx.fxml.FXMLLoader$ValueElement processValue WARNING: Loading FXML document with JavaFX API of version 15.0.1 by JavaFX runtime of version 15 [13:14:03] javafx.fxml.LoadException: /botuser420/tribot-resources/main/construction/ConstructionGUI.fxml:50 [13:14:03] at javafx.fxml.FXMLLoader.constructLoadException(FXMLLoader.java:2707) [13:14:03] at javafx.fxml.FXMLLoader.loadImpl(FXMLLoader.java:2685) [13:
  18. Here it is, the long awaited Construction by Breaker script. It trains construction for you and un-notes planks at Phials. It's packed full of clever stuff like: Calculation of needed planks for a certain level with the methods you selected Automated buying of those materials Getting you a house in Rimmington if you don't have one My own special anti ban sauce that makes every account behave slightly different Instructions Start the script anywhere in the world. Make sure to have enough coins in your inventory or bank to buy the planks plus 100k it will withdra
  19. Hi, In order to collect my tribot kudos I'm sharing this script. Natural Museum Quiz [28 Kudos] This minigame will quickly get you to 9 hunter and slayer. Simply answers questions in the basement of the varrock museum. There are no requirements to this. Source Cleaning Finds [50 Kudos] This activity will grant you another 50 kudos. In order to do this you'll first need to complete the digsite quest. The script will check if you've completed the quest, and if not skip this task. Source >> Click here to activate the Script <<
  20. Wow, just wow. You just listed about every change I would want to make if I were in charge. And you're even going fulltime. I couldn't have asked for more. Much love and respect for all of this from me
  21. Wow, this is pretty big news. You posting on the forums? And the other thing too of course Good luck with your future endeavors
  22. @Beg The folder where the cached jsons get stored should probably be the same. And I'm not sure about this parseInt on line 128 dataCache.put(Integer.parseInt(entry.getKey()), itemData);
  23. Here's the latest runlite prices addition runelite.zip
  24. I'm sad to see you go. You were about the only admin that felt like part of our community and heard us complaining users. Wishing you all the best and hope to still see you around the discord sometimes.
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