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  1. the agility pyramid course feels really bot-like the way it operates the same at every obstacle that becomes a very easy predictable pattern an example: evry time its heading towards the moving blocks it stops right infront of it even if its not needed and then waits till its moves and passes. even trough agility pyramid is for gold farmers you should not make it that easy for jagex.
  2. decent script so far. the only negative is that when its burning the log and the brazier gets broken and takes to long to repair it sometimes runs to to east/western brazier to stay efficient. then it keeps staying there until the start of the next minigame and when the game has started the bot runs from the current brazier to the selected start brazier to cut there which is bassicly wasting time and saying hi i am botting. i hope you can fix this sooon.
  3. i woud understand if walking was needed to reach the next agility obstacle but at the varrock course you can just click the obstacle to avoid walking (what a normal player does) and bye doing evry obstacle with just 1 input makes it only harder to profile you as a bot. the more actions you preform the easier you can be calculated as a bot.
  4. Also the settings hop when more then * players does not work when you just leveled it keeps clicking switch world when it has to click on the level up dialog first in order to switch worlds
  5. at the varrock course, the walking from end to start feels very bot-like(on the minimap it clicks 4 times to walk to the destination while it can easily been done with 1) so even trough its random algorithm is very easy for players to see who is botting or not and those reports will eventually flag your account. so i hope you can make the walking from end to start of the courses more smoothly. other then that i really like the script
  6. can it also bank crates instead of looting them ?
  7. I know but if it last 48hours its more common for me to come back in the 3th day.
  8. oke i will check back in 3 days to change it then
  9. yes i brought the vip trial so i coud aleast start using the looking glass feature but the normal vip i brought is kinda useless for my use
  10. i only see this maybe i am on the wrong page?
  11. hey i accedently purchaced vip when i wanted to purchase vip-e and i can't see a way to upgrade it is there a way you can help me guys ?
  12. Hey i am currently on vacation using teamvieuwer for setting up my bot at home since i only have my phone here. But the last couple days i get this error after 3-4 hours of botting https://ibb.co/kAfs3Q Do you know why this error is showing up the last couple days for me?
  13. brought this script yesterday but sometimes it stops pray flicking heal and the hitpoints restore to a higher percantage. any idea how this comes ? i'm not using LG
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