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  1. Do members who purchased v1 still have access or must we rebuy?
  2. There are so many custom api's and methods that scripters use outside of tribot's traditional api to make their script even more unique and human like, so that is also a consideration.
  3. my signature can help you attain your goldfarm goals! ew no way not for goldfarming!
  4. https://gyazo.com/03ca6a6c0a54ad5bf911848e7eea3969
  5. not rly an achievement of mine as much as the general's section
  6. hopefully it doesnt count as spam and get deleted.
  7. www.Cashrune.com Premium Socks5 Private proxies as low as $1.50 each!

  8. i like to mix it up so sometimes i farm this thing 1 week or this thing another month. Usually the same methods since 2013 but some new 2015/16 ones are neat and easy to farm en mass
  9. its only because there was an hd game client released that takes away from future jagex plans/as trilez says slows down fps triggering flag.
  10. is he trying to farm compost -> supercompost for goldfarming?
  11. ikr lol - tri's is a decent alternative in the meantime (JJ's is still best imo)
  12. @J J Updated for most recent client version?
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