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  1. hi! thanks so much for the recommendation. i checked out the website and it seems pretty good. the only thing is i’m not too much of a fan of having to pick how long the proxies will last for.. i’d rather have them reoccurring monthly and can be switched for a new proxy/proxies whenever i need. thanks so much though !
  2. looking for site that sells unflagged / no prior use proxies preferably cheap if someone has commented already a site, please comment the one you use/know of (if willing to share)! thanks, reese
  3. all of my proxies are
  4. So, I have done some reading and have found that the reason my accounts have been locked is due to flagged proxies. I have a question however.. Tutorial island was hand done on all my accounts and after completion of doing so, they were all logged out. So, if the proxies were flagged.. wouldn't they have been locked during the first instance that they were being played on? I logged out of them all after tutorial island and then was able to log back onto them afterwards, it was only until I started botting that they seemed to be getting locked. This just makes me question whether the proxies are flagged or not. p.s. - I used proxies to create the accounts - the same proxies that I used to log into them. (ea account with dedicated proxy) Thanks
  5. [update] I don't think that it is an issue with the script, as it says on the login screen, "Account is locked as we suspect it has been stolen" meaning something to do with a flagged proxy. Thanks. Amazing script btw have been using it for a while.
  6. 3 accounts banned within a few minutes of batting at lumbridge sea from level 1 fishing. I have a laggy VPS so it makes the bot run a little slowly.. could that be why they were banned? o.O Anyone facing similar issues with Lumbridge Sea botting?
  7. problem has been resolved, thanks. For anyone having similar issue hopefully this will help, was an issue with it being under HTTP and not SOCKS under proxy configurations.. even though it didn't work the first time I tried it under SOCKS. Thanks.
  8. [issue resolved] Just purchased some proxies the other day and now I'm trying to run them through a web browser (one at a time obviously), and it seems that they are just not working. I ran them through tribot and the client loaded so it's not an issue with the proxies. Right now I'm trying firefox and system preferences on Mac. Both are not working and seem to be sharing one of the same problems; after I type in the proxy's information and apply it to my browser/computer - it acts as if I never even applied the proxy. The connection works great, but once I go to check my IP it's my original IP. Anyone have any feedback? Thanks.
  9. reese33

    Need VPS

    Ah yes I can understand that. Thanks for the site, I'll check it out now. Cheers.
  10. reese33

    Need VPS

    Looking for a VPS to run some bots on . Looking for at least 8 gb ram per VPS. Anyone know where I can go to find one? Thanks, Reese
  11. wow, would've never thought to do that
  12. if anyone has relating issue, just use firefox. took me about 30 seconds to figure how to change the proxies, checked by googling 'whats my ip' and it worked, instantly. FIRE FOX > PREFERENCES > ADVANCED > NETWORK > To the right of 'Connection' you will find 'Settings...' Click that and enter your Proxy Info, click OK. done
  13. Just got to proxy settings on an old downloaded version, all to get brought to my MacBook's system preferences proxy settings.... which i have already tried. RIP
  14. Yes. Here they are. Will look for some old versions https://gyazo.com/430929c27663ee85a7388f51bae2b642 https://gyazo.com/a7c233ae9848bafd145da75f2ce3c28e
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